Ask the Ninja

That’s right. I am, in fact, a Ninja. For this one time only, I am willing to lift the veil of secrecy. So ask away.

What’s with the funky Ninja slippers with the weird toe sections?

What school of Ninjutsu did you train under? Where did you train?
What do you think of Ashida Kim?

Cheers, Bippy

Which Ninja movie do you feel most trivializes the honorable Ninja profession?

What the heck does “Hiya” really mean? And where did it come from?

Is it true that you can kill someone just by looking at them? And, if so, does that make it really hard to put up with rush-hour traffic?

Do you know the Turtles? I bet they’re stuck up, aren’t they?

Do you have real ultimate power?

Is it really true that Al Gore is a Ninja?

So how often do you flip out?

Do ninja’s celebrate April Fool’s day?

Did you really have to kill a whole town just because some dude dropped a spoon?

lol I’m seeing that certain dopers have investigated the nija ultimate power website…

Ever killed yourself just for fun?:wink:

What’s the basis for your art? strikes? what kind of kicks do you use? Had a lot of weapons training? What about joint manipulation?

DO you use pressure points at all?

What’s Eric Van Lustbader really like?

green_dragon joint manipulation is only taught openly in Amsterdam and Jamaica these days. (Though I here there are hidden schools of this ancient art form all over the world).

How accurate is the site in decribing ninja’s? Also, do modern ninja’s use devices like nightvision googles or titanium blades to make them even more stealthy and deadly?

Care for a duel?

Bippy…define ‘joint manipultion’…I was referring to the kind of thing seen in Hapkido, which I’m grading in shortly. What are you talking about?

And where’s this ninja we’re supposed to be asking?

OH! I feel silly now.

floor opens up and swallows him

It took me a second to get it, too. I think Bippy’s talking about the ancient art of Gan-Ja.

Adopts stance



Dude. Wow. Let’s eat. :slight_smile:

I do so love April Fools Day.:rolleyes: