Ask the person who calls people--telephone surveys

Are you a moderator?

Apparently Flyer doesn’t like people calling him, either, but in an odd sort of way:

I believe the OP can sum this thread up with a response to himself:

That’s a joke right?

That’s what *she *said!

By trying things out, doing more of the ones that work, and abandoning the ones that don’t. Duh.

I’d suggest a useful magic incantation for phone spammers, but Avada kedavra doesn’t work in the real world.

In other words, you want somebody who will break down crying the first time a customer gets really nasty.

I’ve seen that happen more than once in low-paying jobs. As evidenced by this thread, a lot of people can be really unpleasant to someone else, merely because of the type of job that person has. I can take it just fine, and I can respond in kind when I feel it’s appropriate, but a lot of people can’t.

Did you verify she was a she?

Sorry about the misunderstanding.

In a lot of cases, we’re not even told who sponsors the survey, to avoid any possibility of biasing the results. However, sometimes other polling firms contract out work to us, and those surveys state the name of the company in question.

Based on that, and other little indications that I’ve picked up over time, I’m fairly certain that we do little or no work for “commercial” companies.

Since you’re being paid the fabulous sum of nearly nine bucks an hour don’t you think the people you call/annoy/harrass should also be paid? Why do you think they should give you their time for free?

Did you crib that from the closing defense argument at one of the Nuremburg trials?

I have no idea what specifically shows on the caller ID. However, I’ve had a couple of people say something about the number on the caller ID being a Colorado number, so apparently it’s a real number. In addition, we sometimes have people call US, asking to be removed from our list.

The survey scripts differ somewhat, but we usually identify where we’re calling from (or on behalf of) somewhere in the first 3 or 4 sentences.

This thread made me cry and here’s why:

And for whatever it is worth to you…Best estimates say that telemarketing will be a dead issue in 10 years.

This was written in 2000.

It appears that Cervaise was right to call for a cite :frowning:

I do online surveys for related to my industry. I do one every other month on average. They take anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes, and pay anywhere from $40 to $75.

Wait so my choices are to work in telemarketing or cry when someone is nasty to me? Damn I think I’m doing life wrong.

Well, kinda. I mean, yeah, I get that Lynn *used *to be an admin. But it seems weird that someone who no longer has mod under their name still has mod powers.

My husband was paid a hundred bucks last month for an hour of his time after work last month to talk about a local football team. I was paid $25 in Amazon gift certificates to answer questions about making chicken for dinner. I was also paid $30 to serve my family a new sausage product and then answer questions about it.

I am still waiting for Flyer to explain why he thinks people should give him their time for free. Even the blood bank gives out Mets tickets when they ask for donations.

I thought she was still an admin?

Oh, please! I am one of the few people in this thread who is willing to cut you even half a break. You work off scripts. Your productivity is judged by how many people you call each day and how many surveys you complete. You aboslutely know how long the survey is supposed to take – if only because you know how long it’s taken with other people. You don’t WANT to tell me, because you know I’ll hang up if I think it’s too long.

But IF for some reason you genuinely don’t know because I’m the first person you ever actually had to give this survey to, or if I’m the* nth* caller and I get a hundred extra bonus questions, that’s okay, I understand. Just like I hope you’ll understand when I say “I’m not interested” and hang up before you have a chance to say anything else to me.