Why was the telemarketing thread moved to the Pit?

I agree with all of this.

At the very least, a moderator (even a semi-retired one like Lynn) should be required to request the thread be moved like any other poster, if they are personally involved in the conversation as a poster.

Is it extra work to achieve the same result? Yes. But it would at least make everything seem above board.

Moving a thread to the pit changes it fundamentally. Whether or not he was doing a good job of it, the OP may have started the thread to challenge people’s misconceptions about telemarketing. By moving it, that becomes much harder, if not impossible. Not only is that insulting to the OP it’s totally against the spirit of “fighting ignorance”. Completely out of order.

I think we should split the difference again.

Saying Lynn Bodoni moved the thread because she doesn’t like people who called her unsolicited seems like a reasonable assumption to make. She has made her distaste for telemarketers known, even going to far as to say she had hate for the OP (cite here.) She clearly did not feel any need to caution other posters to reign in their criticism, as is typically the case when a thread starts to get out of hand. I’ll agree with you, Marley23, that saying she wanted to prove she still has her mod powers is, indeed, a bit less reasonable.

They are, and it’s a distraction and a waste of time. But if you’re agreeing to talk about the actual thread move and moderation then we can put that in the rear view mirror.

The only post she made before moving the thread was MPSIMS-appropriate, but I agree that this didn’t look right given her participation in the thread. Leaving it for someone else to move (or not) would have prevented that problem.

I think this is the essence of why the move was justified. It wasn’t just the subject of the ask the thread. It was the inflammatory attitude of the OP. In a relatively few number of posts, several things came out–the “you have to ask exactly right or we won’t take you off,” the quasi-flame of “people don’t listen to my questions!” and the arrogant “we’re justified in calling people back even though they said not to (based on the mere fact that someone has a phone.” These were the attitudes and subjects that got people riled up, not the ins and outs of being a survey-caller. That could have been an interesting thread, but the OP’s attitude set its tone down a different path, one that (IMHO) led to the Pit.

Yes, Flyer was plenty confrontational about the subject. And that’s an issue of the content of the thread, not the “popularity” of the poster.

Replace “calls” with “moderating,” and it also speaks to the state of the SDMB moderation.

Incidentally, “arbitrary bullshit” works too.

Because threatening that has helped so much before. :rolleyes:

Yeah but czarcasm really really really wanted to call that guy an asshole.

So you’re saying that the thread was heading for the pit and you mods have no means to keep that from happening? So you mods no longer have the means to warn people to keep it civil or you’ll start handing out warnings? Or to tell people who want to bash the OP to start a pit thread?

I moved the thread to the Pit because I have awesome precog powers. I could foresee that if I left the thread in MPSIMS, that someone (and it wasn’t gonna be me) would have to start issuing Notes and/or Warnings to a bunch of posters. Then either the thread would have been closed and a new thread started in the Pit, or the original thread would have been moved into the Pit. The only difference would be how many posters got noted or warned.

I can get my admin fix by zapping spammers. That’s actually more fun, really. I LOVE it when I see a spammer, check it out, see that it’s creating a new thread, and I zap it before it’s completed the new thread. Moving the telemarketing thread was more of a little bit of housekeeping, like picking up a scrap of paper that’s fallen to the floor.

Okay, you had me totally convinced until I went back to actually look at the thread. Many of those quotes were taken out of context.

The full quote says

He is attributing this attitude to all survey companies, rather than personally espousing it.

This is in response to a person asking him how his job is not against Colorado state law regarding harassment. It’s not confrontational, it’s an explanation of the technicalities of law.

This was not posted until after the thread was moved to the pit.

All that being said … I think my question has been answered and we’ve come to an agreement. You agree that in the future, it would be better for this to be reported to a moderator not participating in the exchange to have moved the thread, and some cautionary notes prior to moving the thread might have been appropriate. The reasoning behind moving this is because if a thread gets out of control and the original poster is not shying away from the criticism, reporting it, or otherwise requesting that the thread be closed or posters back off, the Pit is the appropriate forum for them to hash it out. Thank you for explaining this to me.

Why not automatically move all threads to the pit? Think of all the work it would save for the moderators!

This is another one of those phrases…

We do have means to try and keep threads from going off the rails or prevent people from breaking the rules, and as I said, it would’ve been better to give this one some more time in MPSIMS. But yes, there are also some topics you can’t do very much with, and those tend to get closed or wind up in the Pit.

The Bodoni Blast?

I’m sure if the OP, or any other tele-whateverer wanted to make an “Ask the…” thread in MPSIMS, it would be fine as long as they didn’t post incendiary stuff in their OP.

Seriously… you just don’t start an “Ask the…” thread with a whole litany of complaints and a haughty attitude that screams “argument.”

Let’s face it, Lynn is like a pretty flower, that smells bad. But if you find this flower along the side of the road while you are on your way back from delivering pizza, you might be able to pick a few and make some serious bank.

Translation, please?

The biggest assholes in the Family Research Council, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Nation of Islam don’t hate transsexuals, black persons or even white persons as much as I dislike telemarketers.

Seriously, please quote the incendiary part of the OP. The pet peeve stuff may have been a tad naive and tone deaf to how the general public feels about telemarketers but the OP’s remarks were in no way disparaging or mocking. The OP was actually a bit helpful because many people probably do think that surveys/polls are covered by the do not call list and the OP even gave useful advice on how to get them to stop calling you. Yeah, it’s annoying to be called at all, I get it, and I deal with it. It is also far from the biggest annoyance in my life. I also get that this was pretty low hanging fruit for a SD style pile on and I can envision Lynn salivating at the chance to move it to the Pit where everyone could tear apart the OP. Hope he wasn’t seasoned with pepper.

Taken from another thread regarding Diamonds02. It was funny the first time.

Thank god. We wouldn’t want to have the mods, who volunteered for the job, to you know do the job they wanted so much to do.

Thanks again for saving us from ourselves.

I look forward to you guys keeping this vigil going and that the next time I can’t control myself and absolutely must break the rules you’ll swoop in and save me.