Ask the person who lived in nursing homes for 4 years

I became seriously ill right around Xmass 2004, and didn’t move out until Spring 2009. Along the way, the 1st nursing home was closed by the state. BTW, most of that time was spent waiting for an appropriate placement.

Wow, were you in a young -peoples type unit or in with the general geriatric population? What was the staff-patient ratio there? Was the first place closed because of infractions or something else? (I’m a registered nurse and have mostly worked long term care type places, although I currently work in geriatric psychiatry and in two weeks start a completely different kind of job)

I was young enough to be the grandson of most residents. ANd the 1st place was shut down for shoody quality of care.

What were you ill with?

That is terrible. I really feel for you. I was an instructor once for a care-aide school, diploma mill whatever. I quit when I saw the facility where they did their practicum. I also made a few other phone calls that day.

How did you keep your sense of self while institutionalized?

Kitten, I had the bladder issue I mention in my intro. Keeping sense of self, well: At the 1st home, I participitated in board games/word games and outings to resturaunts. In the latter, going on outings (VERY touristy) with the organization that helped me move out. I also began writting, in vignette form, my “Just OK American Novel”.

I’m really sorry, etv. That sounds really hard. Were you able to connect with the people who lived with you in the nursing home? I know they were older but sometimes it’s good to listen to the elderly. They can have a lot to say and all that.

I ABSOLUTELY bonded w/several residents! I return once a week, to read them major historical events that occured on the date, and their horoscope. (they LOVE horosopes)

Aw. That’s really sweet. It sucks that you had to live in a nursing home, but it’s wonderful that you developed a bond with some people in the nursing homes that still lasts.

What do you wish the nursing staff could understand about life for residents and do better?

Mona Lisa Simpson took my question, so I’ll just add a +1. What can we do better? (Not there yet, but I’ll have my RN in 9 months…)

I wasn’t aware of this situation. I would like to apologise publicly, therefore, for taking the piss out of your OP here.

Did you suffer what you consider abuse or mistreatment, or did you see it happen to other patients?