Ask the post-op transexual

I’m not really a post-op transexual. Nor a transexual at all for that matter. Thought I jump on the “Ask a ____” bandwagon (a trend that I do thoroughly enjoy).

But I did see on “Where are they Now . .GREASE” that the woman who played the role of “Cha Cha”(catholic schoolgirl rebel who happened to be the best dancer in town and a slut) now teaches a class of post-op transexuals how to behave as women.

Did any of you see the footage of that class? It was the coolest! A bunch of the most masculine and horrific looking women in leatards trying to prance around in a feminine manner.

It was funny.


There actually are some real post-op transexuals on this board. You should probably leave this sort of thing to them.


Whoops, didn’t think about that. Sorry!

I’d say no offense, but I guess there’s no way to not be offended if that applies to you.

But that footage was really funny.

Funny to whom?

Here’s a quarter rhino, call back when you’re finally 13 years old.

I don’t know . . . funny to people that are not used to seeing such footage.

Didn’t realize such a sensitive issue, although I do believe that some people simply love to be self righteous and take the ultimate PC stance whenever given the chance.