Ask the Protocol Droid

An excellent question. Some particularly fastidious or fashion-conscious masters on some worlds - a distinct minority, mind you - have clothing or decorative detachable polyalloy plating for their protocol droids, but this is usually regarded as “gilding the lily,” if you will, or even risible. A clean, well-polished protocol droid is both presentable and welcome anywhere, on virtually any occasion, in my extensive experience.

On which planet were you made? And how old of a civilization made you? How close do you think us Earthlings are to making AI?

What is the spectrum of Protocol Droid owners weighted towards? Dignitaries, crooks, traders, or celebrities? Is there a legal module for the Protocol Droid series?

At formal dinner parties, who went in to dinner first: Princess Leia, or Pooja Naberrie?

I was made on Najima Prime, the homeworld of a very old civilization indeed (and even more so now). From what I’ve seen in my brief sojourn on your charming world, I should venture to guess that you will achieve artificial intelligence in approximately forty years, if all goes well and you don’t destroy yourself first. No offense intended.

The first and the fourth, overall, although you will of course find us virtually everywhere in one capacity or another. Yes, there is a legal module, which is an optional programming feature. As it happens, I have it, and have found it quite useful over the years.

Another curiosity. The single example of a protocol droid that we know of was infamously bad at knowing how to deal with himself and others in situations that weren’t very formal. Why isn’t dealing with ‘impolite’ company included in your software?

That would depend upon where the dinner party was taking place and by whom it was hosted, of course. As a general matter, Princess Leia would hold higher status. As planetary royalty, she ranked Pooja Naberrie. At Imperial functions before the dissolution of the Senate, both would hold roughly equal status as senators (Leia from Alderaan, and Naberrie from Naboo), although Leia would there also have the advantage of seniority in the Senate as well as being from a more populous world. And as president of the New Republic, Leia was unquestionably first in any respectable list of precedence. From what I saw, however, neither woman was so obsessed with status as to let it get in the way of their friendship.

In various cultures, status hinges upon age, parentage or ancestry, wealth, past military or other socially-valued exploits, physical appearance (beauty, height, physical fitness, skin color, etc.), religious or political affiliation, sexual athleticism or orientation, fame, odor or lack thereof, Force sensitivity, manner of dress, language skills, and so on, easily tens of thousands of different factors. Part of my job is to know which is the determinative factor or factors, no matter where my master or mistress is.

If you refer to C-3PO, as Elendil’s Heir agrees you do, I believe he may have had some, shall we say, professional lapses caused by the various reprogrammings and memory wipes which he underwent (dare I say “suffered through”?) over his many years of service. I knew him well and considered him a friend, and flatter myself that the feeling was mutual, but he was by no means perfect. Who is? Certainly not me.

I thought the thread title was “Ask the Protocol Druid.”

Color me disappointed.

Who or what is your favorite fictional robot?

Nothing to see here, my bad post :rolleyes:

My apologies, sir.

Having reviewed Earth’s media and popular entertainment quite intensively since my arrival, I would have to say that C-3PO is my favorite. Of course, he wasn’t fictional, but since he’s apparently widely seen that way on this planet, for purposes of answering your question, I will treat him as such.

Not at all, sir.

Are you a sentient being, or are you just programmed to act as if you were?

Please translate the following:

Isn’t being asked to interface with a starship’s computer to perform an engineering diagnostic rather a … crude task for a protocol droid?

Heck, I don’t even speak Astromech, but that clearly means…

We want…A Shrubbery! <dramatic chord>

What are the odds against Christmas?

Do you like bells?

(if you have no idea what that means, count yourself lucky.)