Ask the satellite tv tech

I figured that I would give it a go.
So ask away any questions you have about sat. tv or internet.
and thanks for asking

Does satellite internet still suck for playing games like WoW? There are no other options for high speed access where I live, but everything I’ve read says it just won’t work. Either the lag is too long, or the company intentionally sabotages gaming access somehow…

What’s the trend in pricing for Sat Internet vs. cable? In my area, cable has a slight price advantage. Is this the case other places, and is it likely to change over the next 5-10 years?

Yes, it sucks. Your best shot is a satellite connection for bandwidth to download patches and 56k for latency to actually play on. Even this setup is pretty lousy though.

yes cable is cheaper and will probably stay that way. satellite infrastructure(tria,dish,labor, etc. cost more) and yes the lag time will kill you gaming.

I remember the big-ass dishes from the eighties, and going from satellite to satellite to get programs, and the monthly program-listings magazine that was the size of a small phone book. These days people seen to get the smaller dishes as part of a package, and they’re locked to one provider and satellite. Are there still multiple free sources of satellite TV out there?

I work for 1 provider but we have multiple sats. including international (to us in u.s.a.)programming. the smaller dishes are courtesy of higher frequency transmissions. Sats are geosynchronous as well.

Where would a guy find out how to use switches for a non Dishnetwork dish and LNBFs?

Probably do a Google search and find out. I work for dish so that’s what stuff I deal with but if its like ours we use single LNB’s into the switch

I have a three-part question:

Why, when I called to upgrade our existing Dish service to HD (which I knew would require a new dish), and made it painstakingly clear that the installer would need a long (30-foot) ladder to reach the roof of our townhouse (like the installer who put the first dish up over a year earlier needed), did the installer show up without a long enough ladder?

And why, when that installer called the main office from our house to make it painstakingly clear to the agent that whoever came out the following day would need a 30-foot ladder to reach the roof, did the *second *installer show up without a long enough ladder?

And why, when both that installer and I explained over the phone IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, FORCING THE AGENT TO READ BACK TO ME THE NOTES THEY WERE ENTERING ONTO THE ORDER FORM, that whoever came would need a 30-FOOT LADDER, and that they should CALL FIRST SO I COULD MAKE SURE THEY HAD ONE, did a THIRD set of installers show up two days later without calling first, and WITHOUT A LONG ENOUGH GODDAMNED LADDER?
And part four: why didn’t that episode of “Punk’d” ever air?

Turnip, if they needed a 30-foot ladder, why didn’t you just say so?

Sometimes things get lost in the shuffle.
That said we (working directly for dish network)carry 16 ft. and a 28 ft ladder on our vans. Contractors on the other hand may not. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen on a work order X-L ladder needed and you find the customer has a pole mount. Tech 1 should have checked to see if a different I.E. lower safer location was available for the new dish. Our off ice keeps a 40 ft. at the shop for just such emergencies. Did the techs who came by drive a Dish van or a pickup or POV. type van?

Oh sorry abot the punk’d episode I decided it was not appropriate for viewing and had it removed.:smiley:

The epilogue (punch line?) to the story is that installer #3, seeing my empurpled face and gnashing teeth, somehow figured out a way to do the installation without the ladder. Happily, the service has worked fine since then and my blood pressure eventually settled to normal.

I got the impression that each group of installers had no relation to the other, and either weren’t getting the notation on the work order or just weren’t reading it. At any rate, there was a serious communication breakdown somewhere. I believe they were driving pickup trucks, but I can’t remember with 100% certainty.

Turnip the reason I ask is because sub contractors usually drive a pickup or minivan. Dish network techs(like me) drive a van provided by the company hence 16ft. 28ft. and little giant ladders. also we get paid by the hour and are usually more likely to go to whatever lengths are needed to do the job. Subs are paid by the job at a flat rate.

Is there any way to ensure your install is being done by an actual Dish Net tech and not some dingbat contractor? Over the years, I’ve had Dish installed at three or four addresses, and the ones done by Dish were wonderful. The one that was done by a contractor was a bit irritating - he left a mess and oddly enough, had to scoot off somewhere to get a longer ladder.

My most recent install was done by Dish on Christmas Eve, and the guy took all the time that was needed to get us up and running with one DVR, two regular receivers and four outlets. Not at all straightforward, but it all works splendidly. Think he finally drove off at 7:30.

My oddball question is why does Dish put these big red flags on the power cords advising the use of surge protectors when doing so will kill the DishCOMM communications over the powerline?

How is possible to get “local” stations over a dish?

How do they control the tight beam the locals use?

The technology is called “spot beam” - they can deliver the signal to a 300-mile diameter spot of land, and the satellites with spot beam capability can handle about 50 different spot beams in addition to its roughly nation-wide or CONUS (Continental United States) coverage.

IIRC, Dish Network has ten birds in the air, and four or five of them can do spotbeams.

How come I have like, 900 channels and there’s still nothing on?

Haha… just kidding. Not really.

Tell dish network when you call for the install Do Not send a contractor. If the signals get crossed tell the guy never mind and call back. You have to use a Home Plug compatible surge protector. Also thanks for the compliments we do try to get it right the first time.:smiley: