Ask the single-sex high school girl!

I go to an all-girls school… it’s boring as hell! But now you can make my life worthwhile by letting me tell you all about it!!!


Oddly, I can’t think of anything to ask. I’d imagine it would have to be boring.

So, uh, is it hard to find dates?

In another time, a different life, this would have been great. Back in my HS days I yearned for just such a person…

So, is Brad Pitt still the ideal man?
And what’s with those N’Sync boys anyway?

Seriously though, what’s it like at an all girl school? I have no idea (that isn’t a perverted one).


Oh. The school. Not the girl. I get it now.

Feeling pretty certain that the questions that come to mind are fairly illegal to ask, I will pass on this one. :smiley:

So do you… can’t ask that

Have you ever… can’t ask that either.

Do you think you are getting a better education because there are no boys? Why?

Did you go to a co-ed primary school?

Are you an animal in the sack - an animal waiting to be uncaged?

Who portrays the all-girls school experience more accurately, Showtime or Cinemax? (That is to say, is it 50/50 cat fights and sex fests, or just 100% sex?)

Merla, welcome to SDMB. While it’s condsidered poor form to feed the trolls, teasing the dirty old men of SDMB is always good for a laugh.

Padeye - who likes grown up Catholic school girls enough to marry one

But wouldn’t that, by definition, be trolling for dirty old men? And in this case, wouldn’t it be the dirty old men feeding the troll?

So confused…


So, is it a boarding school, or just a day school?

So, is it a boarding school, or just a day school?

Monday - Naked tickle fights
Tuesday - Lingerie pillow fights
Wednesday - Sitting around topless talking about boys
Thursday - Steamy shower day
Friday - Opening the secret stash of alcohol and exploring the unexplored
Does this in any way represent your weekday schedule?

Whoa, I seriously didn’t think I’d get this many replies, I figured about 2. So anyway, it’s a boarding school, we get students from as far as Korea. I think I get a much better education, but I miss having guys around. Yes, it is VERY VERY HARD to get dates. The only way to meet guys is usually at the lame dances or if you do drama, like I do. We have to draft guys from other schools to play the male leads. Our brother school is Grand River Academy, which really, really sucks. About 90% of boys there are JDs or AA members, or at least drug dealers. It’s basically a reform school, and they come over here and bug us during dances and get drunk. There’s a nicer boys sch
ool nearby, but THEY aren’t our brother school. :frowning: for no good reason I might add except that the administrators at our school are dumb.
We all pretty much get along. Catfights rarely if ever occur and if they do it’s when boys are involved. Brad Pitt is NOT the ideal man… lots of girls here like Eminem (ew) but not me. I prefer more sophisticated men myself. And are you kidding about N’Sync!!! Even the middle schoolers here know they’re morons. Boy bands are the most disgusting form of music ever to plague this planet.
And, I’m not going to dignify that cinemax or showtime thing with a response…
Am I an animal waiting to be uncaged? Beats me. I’m not gonna say anything since my brother frequents these boards :wink:

Merla - I’m in the same situation - single-sex school, and SDMB newbie. It sucks. I guess I’m used to it though…
Brad Pitt - one word - no.
Catfights do occur around here, though. On a regular basis. I once got my (hoop) earrings yanked down ‘n’ and out of my ear lobes in one catfight.

Just my two cents.



You’re not at Andrew’s, are you?

That’s where I went for my junior-high years.

Yes, I am at Andrews!!! When did you graduate?


I saw your location and thought, Private girls’ school outside Cleveland… could it be?

I was there about 25 years ago, but didn’t graduate. I switched to a public high school at 15.

So, how is the old place? Probably all the old teachers I knew are long retired.

They don’t still have the “skirts only, no slacks” dress code, do they? They were just starting to relax it and letting us wear slacks–even jeans on Fridays!–when I was there.

Good GOD man! That’s what I call a schedule!:smiley: