Ask the.. threads?

The ‘ask the comic guy’ thread has 569 posts in it. Any contenders?
Also, any way to get around the 4 letter words and up thing for viewing those threads?

It’s ‘Ask the Gay Guy’, the granddaddy of them all. 5 enormous threads and counting.

Do a search on ‘Esprix’ as a user name. You’ll find them.

There seemed to be a plethora of ignorance about what gay people actually thought and felt, about two years ago. Esprix originated the concept, with Ask the Gay Guy (I), for purposes of providing a specific place in which people could ask about what they wondered about gay people and with forthright gay people, including but not limited to himself, providing frank answers.

It grew from there, got parodied, and surfaces occasionally. IIRC, Esprix’s signature links to all four extant threads. (ATGG 5 was eaten whole by the Giant Hamster of Doom during the Winter of our Missed Content.)

I’m still working on V.


I think the Ask the Muslim Guy threads went over 400 posts, which probably put it up in the top 5. Maybe.

For those you can search for his user name, Muslim Guy, using the user name search function ( NOT the topic search ) as I don’t think he had that massive of a posting history overall.

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