Ask the United Church of Christ member

OK, so this thread is about people who want to talk about Obama and the UCC. Ask away!

Preachers kid here. Dad is a UCC minister, Bangor Seminary, '70 So my question is, are the dinner rolls as yummy at your church suppers as they were at mine?

I was raised in the UCC; I’m a heathen these days but my mom is still intensely involved. No questions here; I hear more about it than I ever wanted to know! :smiley:

Well… How do you feel about Barack Obama, Reverend Wright, and the controversy? What aspects of the case have the media distorted?

Absolutely. We’ve got several restaurant owners in the congregation. The pancake supper on Shrove Tuesday was outstanding!

I started to support Obama after reading his books. Rev. Wright is a media hound.
I’m really hoping the whole story will now blow over since Obama left Trinity. I wonder if he’ll find another UCC church?

As far as why he stayed so long? I’ve certainly rolled my eyes at a few things the pastors at my church have said. However, I haven’t left simply because the church is more than just the sermon.

Maybe this is not specific to a UCC member, but what evidence do you see to support the hypothesis that a carpenter that lived 2,000 years ago was god?

How does the hierarchy work in your church? Are you required to follow the pronouncements of your General Synod, or are their thoughts considered advice rather than rules?

Not at all required to. The UCC is congregational. Thus the individual congregation decides what they follow. For example, the same sex marriage pronouncement was not support by every congregation.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Do you think these writings provide enough evidence to support the hypothesis considering the numerous issues that have been brought up by scholarly research?

This is a fine subject for a Great Debate, but it doesn’t fit with what dale42 appears to be trying to do: sharing his experience and opinions as a UCC member. If you want to discuss the provence or historical accuracy of the Bible, please open at thread in GD.

never mind.

Why isn’t the understanding of a UCC member about the Bible and Jesus concerning his experiences and opinions as a UCC member? I believe the UCC uses the Bible and believes that the Jesus is God. I am interested in understanding how a UCC reconciles his beliefs with other areas of knowledge.

Are only questions that concern Obama allowed? If so, why was Revenant Threshold not warned as well?

As you said yourself, you’re asking questions about Christianity in general, not the UCC in particular. If you’ve got any questions about the beliefs of the UCC, fire away, but I think you have a general idea of what Christians believe. If you want to argue about any of those beliefs, you can do it in GD.

Nobody was given a formal warning, and the difference between your posts and Revenant’s is obvious: he asked questions about the UCC, you didn’t.

Fellow UCCer here. Do you belong to an open & affirming congregation (i.e. gays are cool)? If not, what’s your congregations postion on homosexuality?

Also, what’s the racial makeup of your congregation? (Mine is mostly white.)

My congregation is about 99% LGBT. I’d say the racial makeup is about 90% white. There is a Hispanic service which draws about 70-100 people. Not a very large Black presence, but there are some.

And my dad’s congregation is and always been about 85% blue haired old ladies with wavery sopranos. UCC is a very diverse denomination.

When I spoke to dad last night I asked if he still hoped never to perform a same sex marriage. Never one to answer a question directly, he said he hoped this friend of his wouldn’t ask him to perform his ceremony. That annoyed me so I inferred that he was senile.