AskNott is on the radio for a few days.

It’s pledge drive time at Indiana Public Radio in Muncie and its co-station cities. This time they interviewed some longtime members, and they edited the interviews down to something they could play on the pledge breaks. I guess they liked what I had to say about Public Radio. They’ve played my spot several times.

I’m the one who says, “Let my man Steven Turpin play you a tune that was a hit when George Washington was a teenager.” and "If you don’t support these guys, you’re going to be stuck with Howard Stern. :eek: "

I’ve been cutting brush and splitting wood for a few days, so it’s not like strangers have been asking for my autograph. I have moved from anonymity to obscurity. :cool:

Can I have your autograph?

I don’t have one of those, NoClueBoy, but I do have one of those old bellows-chamber Polaroids.

My nephew just called, all excited. “Uncle Nott! Was that you on the radio?” He wanted to know all about it. Aw, garsh. T’warn’t nothin’.

I helped out on a pledge drive once for KHOU-TV. Was fun.