$$$ aspect H. Hogan vs. Hawker

I cannot understand reading the constantly foggy media reports from the Court, how the financial aspect works. Today I read on ppr. saying that Nick Denton’s personal worth is $121,000,000 and his former editor has no assets and $27,000 student loan debt. The defense asked and was granted not to allow damages so great that it would bankrupt the company, which is said to be worth $83 Million (yes, and try selling it for that).

Nacherly, I completely understand the seriousness of a murky 9 second tape of one of the most hideous of men screwing the dearly beloved wife of his former best friend, one Mr. Bubba the love sponge clem.****. This surely was crushing publicity for a publicity hound who does seem ever-so delicate and sensitive.

But since Gawker is a corp. which ought to limit the liability of the CEO, Pres., etc., why does it matter that his alleged net worth is $xxxx? I have no seen anything yet indicating that the Pres. and former editor are being named personally in addition to the Corp.

Admittedly I do not follow the trial, Bubba tLSC, HH, nor Gawker much (any). I am just interested in the court proceedings, bsns aspect and of course, what must be the horrifying condition of Mrs. Bubba tLSC

Gawker is going to be hollowed out no matter what happens. FL requires posing 1/2 the liability as a bond before you can appeal and none of the liable parties has that much cash in this ruling. How Gawker is going to appeal remains to be seen.

At least from the information I’ve read I think Gawker deserved to lose the case, but even so the amount the jury awarded is pretty ridiculous. I don’t know if I believe the video cost him that much money but I think it said like $65 Million of the reward was money it cost him or something. I can see how the information was humiliating in a way but the sex tape is so short and the still I’ve seen of it just looks like a vague grey shape on top of another I’ll-defined grey shape.

Well at least now Hulk Hogan won’t have to worry about money.


He doesn’t have to worry about money now. Even if he doesn’t collect a cent from Gawker, he’s still worth $25 million.