Ass or crotch?

When you’re moving past people in an audience (say at the movies), trying to get to a seat in the middle of the row, which way do you face? Since the seated people you’re squeezing past have their faces at about hip level for you, do you show them your ass or your crotch? (If they stand up to try to give you room, you might do more than just show your ass or crotch to them; you might accidentally rub it across their crotch. Ewww.) And which do you prefer if you’re seated and someone needs to squeeze past you?

(I believe Miss Manners says the ass is correct, FWIW.)

Intriguing title. I had to check it out to see what was up, and I tell you, this was not what I was expecting.

I had to think a little to determine what I do. Here’s my pattern, and it’s instinctive, not thought out to be polite or otherwise:

Entering a row to get to the seat: give 'em the crotch.

Leaving my seat: give 'em the ass.

I’ll never be able to do this again without thinking of you, C.

Oh, and I prefer the crotch over the ass when being passed. Less likelihood of something offensive wafting up my nose.

According to Tyler Durden, you give your seatmate on the plane the ass, and you give the stewardess the crotch.

Works for me.

I agree with scout 1222. Entering crotch , Exiting ass.

IIRC Mis manners said always give them ass, though not in those words of course.

Based on seat curvatures and foot-room under the seats, ass-entry provides less chance of mushing your anatomy into someone’s giant popcorn. Plus you don’t miss a moment of the coming attractions.

What is the record view to post ratio?

Ass definately. If someone complains while you are passing by you wait a bit and then make another trip out and let a little “woofie” go as you pass in front of them.


Ass. I just don’t like sticking my crotch in some ones face.

I switch it up each time. Just for variety.

Ooh, some of each, please!


This isn’t the buffet?

That said, ass all the way.

I can’t remember where I learned this-- I think it was in some Viennese opera-house setting-- but I recall that crotch is considered the less offensive among the crowd who care about haute manners.

A thread with gratuitous overuse of the word ass. Mnem approves.

And I agree. Typically, ass. My crotch is somewhat more friendly than I want to get with people I dont know. And for that matter, 99% of the people I DO know.

I had to think about this one, but it comes down to the configuration of the row in front. If I can give crotch withoug rubbing my ass on the heads of the people sitting in front, then it’s crotch. But there are some venues where things are too close, so I give ass since that way there’s less potential of touching anybody anywhere with my butt.

I haven’t read the thread yet, but the title has intrigued me long enough. Hold on a minute while I read it.
Oh. okay. I actually do what scout1222 does as well. Sometimes, just to be rude to people I don’t like, I go sideways and make them crush their legs into their body.

When I go to a seat or leave a seat, ass. Always ass. I don’t know if that’s polite, but it’s easier. Then I don’t have to do this weird turn in a small aisle to sit down; I can just sit down. Plus, it’s also easier when I’m getting by someone, cuz then I can bend my legs to get past.

However, if I’m squeezing by people that are standing up, then I give the crotch. Same reason; it’s easier. I can then bend over a little to get past, if need be. Otherwise, there might be ass bumpage that might upset. I can bend a little forward to avoid crotch grindage, on the other hand.

I think there’s one important factor here that have been over-looked: gender. If a man is walking in front of me, I think the ass is much less offensive, since the crotch is, I dunno, too “out there.” Women, I think, can go either way, unless their ass is extrordinarily large, in which case I’d have to say definately crotch.

Now, I, as a female without an extrodinarly large ass, usually go ass, for two reasons: A.) when I get to my seat I don’t have to turn around to sit down, and B.) I don’t have to look the people in the eye as I shuffle my midsection past their faces.

I like to give the ass. It’s just easier. I guess I prefer to receive the ass too, unless it’s a gigantic ass, in which case I would reluctantly prefer the crotch.

Definately crotch, makes it easy to maintain that all-important eye contact when you’re rubbing up against somebody. Um, wait a minute, let me re-read the OP, I may be posting in the wrong thread here…

Ass. Definitely. You can stabilize youself by holding the seat back in front of you. You don’t make eye contact with other people as you stand with your crotch at the level of their heads. And, as others have pointed out, you can plop directly into your seat without turning around. Frankly, I have never seen it done the other way, but I really haven’t paid much attention.