Is the fad for men's boxers showing ever going away? (airplane seatmate story)

Hasn’t it had it’s time? But no, I was on the plane Thursday and the man sitting next to me–about 30, looks like a grown up frat boy–was wearing sweats with his boxers hanging out. When he got up to use the bathroom he carefully hiked up his boxers but neglected to do the same for his sweats, leaving them precariously clinging below his ass cheeks. Well over 12" of plaid-boxer-encased ass was showing–I’m amazed his pants didn’t fall down. Please tell me he is an outlier and this isn’t going to become so standard as to be unremarkable and casual friday workwear will include seeing over 6" of your cubemate’s underwear.

(also, when I was done with my partially consumed box of crackers and cookies, he asked if I was throwing it out–me being in the center seat and not able to reach easily over to the stewardess and the garbage bag–so I hand it to him. He then opens the box, removes and eats my partially eaten crackers, and gives my partially eaten cookies to his girlfriend across the aisle. WTF? And once when the stewardess was leaning over by him he stole a bag of peanuts right out of her front pocket.

Ooh. Sounds like you had a keeper there.

You should have taken a picture of it so we can poke fun and laugh at it appropriately.

I’ve got the OP beat (well, except for the foraged crackers and cookies bit).

This 20-something in my neighborhood has decided to move the trend forward(?) and up (down?) the ante.

In addition to the style now being more towards “fitted” pants, but still sagging down, this throwback has decided to wear them with the waistband about 3 inches or so above his knees. I kid you not. And there’s no long t-shirt covering what is now full-frontal and -backal boxers.

He looks like a clown who simply could not pull his pants the rest of the way up.

I haven’t seen anyone else doing this but you know how contagious idiocy is.

5-4 Fighting, how is that even physically possible? It’s basically the same thing as a hobble skirt, and those kind of went out of fashion with Kaiser Wilhelm.

I think some of these jokers actually sew (or perhaps velcro) the bottom of their boxers to their pants.

You know what’s worse than a person with low slung pants having their boxers showing? There’s this kid (14 boy? 16 girl? Young, frail, and androgynous, anyway) who wanders around the city I work in with pants so low that the waistband bisects their butt. No underwear, mind you, so you can clearly see the half crack of his/her butt…

The baggy pants, boxers thing doesn’t seem to be going away. I thought it was a silly fad when the Freshmen boys started doing it my senior year, and that was 1994. And 5-4-Fighting, boys were doing the just above the knees thing towards the beginning of the fad, so you neighbor is a real throwback.

I’m not sure, but from what I know about sagging in general, either the belt cinched them around his thighs or they use a string between two belt loops, plus they walk really splayed-legged (as much as possible) to further help keep them from sliding the rest of the way down.

I told you it looks stupid.

elfkin477, I’d just never seen it with the now semi-fitting t-shirt not sort of covering it.

elfkin477, I tried to edit to add that it was also the current fitted, tighter syle jeans, as misspmckittington said, like a male hobble skirt. Even more stupid than the extra large pants

Remember when you were a kid, and only really old people (well, really old to your 13-year-old mind) wore their pants halfway up to their armpits?

Well, welcome to the 90s/00s! Now if you wear your pants around your waist, you’re considered an old person.

But I’m physically younger than some of these people! How is that fair? Can I hit them with a walker anyway? Pretty please?

Only if they’re on your lawn.

When it comes to clothing style, being racist is totally applicable (I mean, race influences culture which influences clothing style). Are these people black, by chance? Are you white? No wonder you don’t get it.

Seriously? You honestly think that disliking a clothing style is a sign of racism? I don’t know about the other posters, but I live in one of the whitest states in the US. It’s not black kids looking goofy around here…

Speaking as a white devil who enjoys looking at men’s asses, I find the baggy pants showing inches of boxers to be a tragically stupid look regardless of the skin color of the nitwit perpetrating it.

I call these idiot popsicles “hip-hoppers” but that doesn’t seem to be catching on. Since I’ve seen a ton of white, Mexican, and black kids do it, there seems to be another cause besides race. Using the generic music style most of these wannabe hipsters listen to works well for my tastes.

on the errrr opposite end, I saw an idiot walk into the local grocery store as I was walking out who wore no shirt and his pants so low in front that you could see his pubes.

Usually I think the person just looks stupid; but for some reason I think I was offended by this. I’m glad my daughters weren’t with me.

This fad may have started with blacks (gotta be going on 20 years ago by now), but it got adopted by whites sometime in the early to mid 1990s, IIRC. I live in a very whitebread neighborhood, and I see this all the time.

Black people are already moving past the pants-lower-than-the-underwear thing, unless they’re small town hicks. It’s just so 2002.

Now is about the time when unfashionable white boys will start wearing what was cool for urban blacks a few years ago. The moron who lives across from us and his friends all wear wife beaters and ball caps and have their pants slung around their asses. This being a smallish suburban city, I can tell from their manner of dress what genuinely cool people were wearing five to seven years ago.

Clearly, low hanging jeans with boxers showing is nothing new.

I actually think it looks like of cool. . .kind of slouchy, comfy, etc. But, they’ve always been a few inches down the rump. At a place above where the rump was still widening.

But, in Balimore, the pants have dropped well-below the butt cheeks. They’re strapped around the legs at the top of the thighs. It looks incredibly uncomfortable, and like it hinders walking.

While not uncommon, I don’t think it is very widespread. I think I’ve seen more pants coming UP from the mid-rump lately than going down.

I spent all weekend at a HUGE Baltimore street festival, and don’t think that i saw the below the butt cheeks, once. It’s seriously just too impractical for moving around. That can’t be lost on anyone.

What next? People running around with their pants around their ankles, as if they made a hasty exit from a toilet? People can be talked into anything.

Maybe the criminal element will adopt this assinine style; then it’ll be easy to outrun them.