Is this the fashion trend that will not die?

My teacher was telling me once about how when he began working at my school over 10 years ago he had to tell students to pull their pants up and write warnings for dress code violations because of oversized jeans and he has never had to stop doing that.
I can’t speak for any other area or school but it seems that the sagging pants style has been consistent for atleast 10 years I know that I was wearing my pants like that when I was 8 years old and 10 years later pretty much the same thing.
Not *all * the people at my school sag their pants but it is definitely common, a lot of my friends choose to dress that way.
So is this the fashion trend that will not die?
If it looks so bad then why hasn’t it gone out of style in 10 years?
Everything is bigger than it is supposed to be including shirts and jackets, I would be bold enough to predict that 20 years from now kids from Jr High up to College and beyond will still be sagging their pants. The good thing is that when I have children if they choose to go out with their pants sagging it won’t be a big deal to me and I won’t be like “pull your pants up Junior.” :cool:

Meh, I think it’s coming to its end, at least around here. My brother and all his friends (all of whom sagged their pants, exposing their boxers for the whole world) wear pants that fit them now. They’re still baggy, the legs still aren’t tapered (or even boot cut), but they stay on the waist where they belong. I’ve even noticed the skaters taking better care of their appearance lately.

Good riddance, I say. I hate tight pants on boys, but I like guys to at least try to look nice and that’s not really possible when your pants hang off your ass like that, IMO. And get that hair cut! :wink:

I hate when I post something and then, like two seconds later, I’m all, " :smack: I meant to add blahblahblah!"

Anyway, take a look at rappers, too. Even their pants are getting smaller. I think that’s probably why each new group of kids sags their pants; they want to be hip-hop and all gansta and whatnot. Like most trends, they come from what’s hot. Pants that sag to the knees are falling out of the rap scene real quick, so I think you can expect them to disappear in the near future.

Ew, remember the tight pants from the 80s? Thank god those are gone! I’m done now.

You are right in saying that the baggy pants idea won’t die. If you have ever seen the movie “Kids” you’ll notice that even then they were doing it. That was made in 1995 and it was probably filmed earlier and it is almost 2005. Honestly I am surprised that kids are still dressing like that. But you may be surprised when you go to college, as it appears to be something that you grow out of.

But… May I suggest that I hope that a different style comes in vogue. Its pretty much well known (from the girls that I know) that they like guys who wear more form-fitting clothes as to show of the sexy male physique. Would you be attracted to a girl that wears baggy clothes? Sure there may be some personal attraction there, but when you see a girl wearing tight clothes it makes you realize that its much better. It works the same way for guys too.

But anyway. Fashion is very, very fickle. You probably don’t remember, but about 10 years ago, bellbottoms were making a comback. Sure it was brief, but a lot of 70’s era clothes were popular then, but even now, there is a resurgence of 80’s stuff coming in now.

I don’t know how long the fad will last, but I can promise that it will go away.

Ten years is not an especially long time frame and numerous fads have lasted about that long, including disco. That it was common in 1994 and still is today proves nothing.

What?? So which is it then?

Ah yes, the full diaper on a toddler look:D. I have NO idea why it’s lasted so long. But I hope it keeps on going, because at least once a month I get a serious fit of the giggles watching some young guy holding his pants up like a Lady of yore holding up her skirts, to step up on a curb or climb stairs.

There was a great scene in “Clueless” outlining a scene similar to this. And the only funny scene in High School High in which three young “saggin” men are trying to clime a flight of stairs.


I think that the sagging pants trend will die a very slow death if at all because there probably will always be enough kids that think it looks cool so that while the style may not always be in forefront there will be enough kids wearing it that it will still be considered a youth fashion trend for many years.
I also have mastered walking in my oversized pants so that I can walk normally and climb stairs with no problems. I enjoy wearing suits and sometimes I go to school wearing the preppy look with no sagging at all so just because I like to sag doesn’t mean I am a slob (it just means I’m a follower…just kidding).

Unless, at the age of eight, you independently invented the idea of wearing your pants around your knees without having seen anyone else wear it that way, you’re a fashion trend follower, no matter your protests otherwise.

Maybe, but aren’t most people both young and old FTF’s on some level?

Sure. But these days that’s probably mostly out of necessity anyway. I cannot find a non-t-shirt shirt that isn’t super tight with a neckline that plunges to my bra and a waistline that soars to, well, my bra. Shopping sucks ass. And jeans! Can I get a pair of jeans that doesn’t show my damned stuff!? C’mon, man, boys aren’t supposed to see your underwear before they even know your name!

I need to leave this thread now before I go into a full, spitting mad kind of rage.

Yes, most are, but they aren’t denying other people’s influence on their style of dress. Or if they are, they’re mistaken as well.

Baggy pants are almost a uniform to urban culture, much like black fishnets and dog collars are to goths. To wear one or the other and proclaim your style unique is misguided at best.

In the 80’s it was thought shoulder pads would never die. :smiley:

I’m beginning to think that pedal pushers (or whatever they call them these days) is the fashion trend which refuses to die.

Yeah but they are better then the pants that won’t pull up :smiley:

How about the punk look? You still see that occasionally – 25 years later. :eek:

Air filled fun.

This fad is still going strong among my 5th graders in Nevada. Now some girls are coming to school in their baggy pajamas. Literally. I keep my own counsel on this because I think this fad is ludicrous and probably won’t last. I count myself lucky that my fifth grade daughter and her friends think it’s stupid.

Heh, heh. Youngsters. It’s simply a matter of time.

I guarantee that no matter what the fashion, the teenagers of the next generation will laugh uncontrollably at what they will judge as a ridiculous fashion style.

Just as I rolled my eyes at what my parents wore (both clothes and hairstyles) when they were teenagers in the 1930s, my kids rolled their eyes in humorous disbelief when they saw pictures of what I wore as a teenager in the 1960s.

Because it still pisses off us old folks.