Assassin's spaghetti

So I was watching Food wishes on Youtube and he prepared something called assassin’s spaghetti which had me drooling by the time the episode finished. I thought you reprobates would appreciate a new recipe if you haven’t heard of it before and if you have please tell me what you thought of it.
Recipe here : Puglia's “Killer” Spaghetti - La Cucina Italiana

And the episode link here: Spaghetti all'Assassina (Assassin’s Spaghetti) - Food Wishes - YouTube

I’m really looking forward to making this with a bottle of a big, bitey red and maybe a prosecco zabiglione with raspberries for dessert.

I remember hearing about this back in 2020 on the Pasta Grammar channel. If you are interested in more research on the recipe, here’s a nice video:

Looks quite appetizing, I have to admit, may have to try it. But the title had me flashing back to a weird dream I had as a kid, that the side of a box of pasta had a recipe for “Sleep, Frankie Murdered” and was essentially a Hitchcockian instruction to the housewife of how to dispose of your husband when the time inevitably comes.

I’ve seen this before, but it’s probably not for me (never tried it, I must admit). I like my spaghetti just barely al dente, with a sauce that exudes gentle mellowness, not spiciness.

I once tried an expensive sauce called Truff black truffle arrabbiata and didn’t like it at all, despite alleged rave reviews. It was mainly the spiciness that put me off, but I’m not sure I’m really a fan of truffles, either, at least not in pasta sauce. Love mushrooms, though.

I just tried the Food Wishes recipe slightly modified. Getting the proper burn is the hardest part. But damn good.

I love Chef John… from Food Wishes dot com!


It’s like ASMR to me.

This look fascinating, I must try it. I’ve spent a lot of time in Puglia and never come across this, although the only reason I ever ventured to Bari was to go to the airport.

Ever since I watched the video in the article below a few months ago (checking article date: ‘October 31, 2022’, oooh how appropriate), I’ve wanted to try this, but I’m afraid I’d burn the pasta too much.

In the video, Stanley Tucci and guest (that’s Elizabeth Moss, right?) visit an Italian restaurant and the chef demonstrates how to make it, which blows Tucci’s mind.

This seems analogous to toasting or slightly browning rice in a dry pan before adding whatever liquid you’re going to cook it in. Makes sense.

@pulykamell I hadn’t seen that video, and @solost I’ll look at the article!
I’m making this for supper tomorrow and I’ll likely be using bottled passata as I have it in the house. I’m glad it’s inspired some of you to try it and be my beta testers… :grin:
In a totally unrelated (well sort of related as it involves food) I tried making Japanese 7-11 style egg salad sandwiches and I may never go back to making them the old way again!

I had to use bone standard white bread but I may try to find milk bread at my local farmers market where there’s a Philippine bakery stand.

Well the recipe says to adjust for taste so cut back a bit on the peppers and boost the garlic. Keep in mind frying the peppers will mellow them out and sweeten them slightly. I figure anything is worth trying once (except fugu, not messing with dishes that could kill you…) .

Assassin’s Sushi? :smile:

I’ve heard that professionally prepared fugu is pretty safe, and 99% of fugu deaths in Japan are a result of people preparing it at home, not knowing what they’re doing.

But, even professionally prepared fugu still has enough neurotoxin left that you feel a numb tingling in your fingers and toes for awhile after eating, I hear. Pretty crazy.

I see from the photos that the assassininos have killed off portion size. :frowning:

Yeah, it doesn’t seem the sort of thing you want to have a go at with just a sharp knife and a Youtube video.

Do note that in Italian cookery, the pasta course is just one of many, and not (at least usually) regarded as a main course.

Someone once mentioned that fugu is sold in some grocery stores here in North America, so I did some checking, and it turns out that there are varieties of fugu that don’t contain toxins. Pretty sure that’s what’s sold here. The toxic kind that has to be prepared with care and knowledge is mostly found in the waters around Japan and a few other places.

I dunno, this one seems pretty thorough.

I’m eating the leftovers tonight reheated in the oven with some Au Jus from leftover shrimp gumbo. It’s amazing.

I’m a tad jealous! Guess i find out tomorrow!

So dinner’s over and Wow! I really liked how it turned out although I had a few takeaways.

  1. Mise en place. Make sure you have your stuff already to go because the first minute happens quick. I slightly burnt the chili flakes and garlic in the oil (and I had a tad too much chili for SWMBO).
  2. I think this would rock with some straciatella or burrata, neither of which I had, to cool things off slightly.
  3. Amarone works like a hot damn as a wine pairing!
    Dessert was ginger snaps because I didn’t have time to make zabiglione.

10/10 will make again!

I’ve been working on my Italiano pronunciation in case I want to impress anyone while serving.

aaspaghetteeee aassasseeena