Assaulted! Avocado missile hit me in ribs.

Four kids were across the street throwing avocados at the windows of a hairdressers and they saw me and my S.O. on the other side of the street. Me pushing my bicycle, her with a bunch of flowers on our way home from a curry in Chapel Market, Angel.

See title.

There’s a quirky little story in there, somewhere. Any idea why th’ kids were chucking fruit at the hairdressers, flapcats?

And whatever happened to good old fashioned rocks, for stars sakes? :confused:

I hope it didn’t hurt the flowers.:smiley:

Spoiled elitist punks… avacados are almost a dollar a piece where I live!

It could’ve been worse… had they had limes, garlic, and salt, they would not have hesitated to make guacamole out of you. :smiley: