Mmm Avocado.

I am so glad Avocados are healthy again. :slight_smile:

But they are so expensive here. So I have to skip them usually. But a local store had them 5 for $5, and I am will to pay a buck a piece.

Unfortunately they were expertly picked over :frowning: Nearly all the ones left were over ripe or under ripe, I was kind of surprise folks around here know enough to take the good ones. I got the two least over-ripe ones I could find for now, and 3 under ripe ones at various stages of closeness.

Dreaming of a ham, turkey, tomato and avocado sammich, I opened the first one; disaster, I had missed a rip in the skin, and combined with the over-ripeness it was brown and smelly.

I opened the second ripe one. Success, just slightly over-ripe like I figured, but still creamy excellence. Unfortunately the over-ripe softness kept it from deseeding cleanly. So I grabbed a spoon to even it up for slicing, and well, I ended up eating the whole thing like two bowls of ice-cream.

No sammich for me, and at least two days till the next is ready :smack:

But it was good…

So can anybody tempt me with anything better to do with my avocado( #3)than my proposed sandwich in two days? (Guac is of course lined up for #4.)

I like avocado with Miracle Whip.

Yes, Miracle Whip. It goes well with the fatty taste of the avocado. (And that’s about the only thing I’ll use Miracle Whip for.)

We have a small, independent supermarket right near us that always has ridiculously cheap avocados. Yesterday, i picked up two for 99c. Most of the time, the quality is very good, although, at 50c each, i don’t complain if the occasional one is a bit brown inside.

The same supermarket also sell good corn tortillas (and masa, for days when we’re feeling motivated enough to make our own), fresh salsa, and a nice queso fresco. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I cut it up in cubes (well, I TRY) and add them to the salad. It is immediately doubled in deliciousness! Adds a real something, it does.

Of course the natural habitat for avocados (aside from guacamole) is the cheeseburger. Or BLAT.

I used to love them cut in half with italian dressing poured into the pit hollow.

Great article with avocado timeline and story of the Hass Mother Tree: All about avocados

The avocado behind the trailer in Florida dropped baby-head sized avocados. Never seen them that big. I tried one that had dropped and been sitting under the tree for a couple weeks. Damn thing still wasn’t ripe.

I’ve loved avocados my entire life, thanks to my grandmother! Even at the very end of her life when I would visit, I would pick up a couple of avocados and let them ripen. We both enjoyed determining “the perfect time” to use/eat them. Our favorite way to eat them. . .simply cut in half (leave the skin on), poked with a fork a couple of times, fresh lemon juice, a little salt, and a spoon.

Brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. :smiley:

My grandma and granpa were always starting avocado trees off of avocado pits sitting in a glass of water on the windowsill. The Pit was held in place by three toothpicks stuck into the pit, podding the pit in place… windowsill hydroponics.

Well, there’s your problem!

Seriously, Florida avocados are crap. I’ve tried them, found they were not-good, asked around, and this was confirmed.

You want Hass avocados, preferably from California. (California ones are better than the ones from Chile.)

I did that. When it got bigger I planted it in a pot and put it outside.

Someone stole it.

For several years I lived in Mexico in a town about an hour’s drive from Uruapan, Avocado Capital of the World. We’d buy 10-kilo (22 pound) sacks of the things for a couple bucks, and root through them every day looking for the ripe ones. If there were too many too eat we’d feed the leftovers to the dogs. I miss the avocados more than any other part of living in Mexico (aside from my mom and the dogs, who are still there).

Anyway, the options for avocados are endless: eat 'em straight, slice and serve on whole wheat with jalipeños and lime, slice and drop into hot chicken soup just before eating (don’t let them cook or they’ll be nasty), cube and mix with bits of Oaxaca cheese (or mozzarella) and tomato and lime juice, etc.

Nahh… I won’t impinge all Florida avocados off the particular variety that grew out back. That was a unique and alien cultivar of Giant Avocados. Not sure what they were… Maybe somebody else has experience with Giant Avocados… they appear to be a “smooth” skin variety. Typical breeding and Genetic engineering for jumbo traits, but is it a better fruit?

Damn Bushwackers!

Mix both mashed and chunked avocado with Light Ranch salad dressing. Pour over your favorite salad and ENJOY!

My mother used to do this. I’ve never been able to do it myself. Possibly because the cats tend to eat any plants that I put in the windowsills. The cats will also eat avocado flesh.

I LOOOOOVE cobb salad, though I prefer ranch to bleu cheese dressing. And I love avocados in tortilla soup. In fact, I just plain love avocados.

I love avocado cubed in any kind of salsa.
I love BLATS, 'guac, guac burgers, and just a half an avocado with oil and vinegar.

I always thought this, too–when I lived in Colorado.
Then I moved to north Florida, lived here for a couple years, and on a whim, once again tried a Florida avocado. It wasn’t as good (fatty) as a Hass, but it was darned good, probably because it wasn’t picked weeks before it was ripe.
It was certainly good enough for salad or guac.

I’ve got 4 different Hass 'cado pits growing all over the house right now.

I discovered that if you put the pit in some dirt with a potato, within weeks it sends out shoots. I’ve got three more 'cado pits I’ll be starting this week. I just think the plants are so pretty.

Guac burgers are very good, but personally I like avocado slices instead of the guacamole.

You can’t beat a BLAT.

The only avocado pit I’ve been able to sprout is a Florida one. It’s about 3 feet tall buy it had a setback with our cold snap (forgot to bring it in/cover it) and if dropped all its leaves but it’s got new leaves budding, I don’t really expect it to ever get big enough to produce fruit for several years if at all. I have a few Haas pits I am trying to sprout right now.

I don’t think Florida avocados are crap but they don’t have as much flavor. I think they’re better for sandwiches because they tend to be firmer.

I seem to have some problems deciding when they are just right. I got a bag of 5 for $4 from Sam’s Club. They all felt hard so I waited a couple days and had one, it was perfect, so was the next. But the 3rd and 4th had brown fibrous streaks through them, one worse than the other. Going to try the last today. I think the problem with getting a bag is they all ripen at the same time and as much as I love them I can’t eat 5 in one day.

I made a tasty avocado soup last week.

And my 7 month old just loves 'em, but then again she is currently chewing on her fathers slipper, so I wouldn’t trust her tastes.

Which reminds me. Is there any way to tell, before opening the skin, whether or not a given avocado is going to have those fibers in it? It’s very disappointing to open one up and find fibers.

I’ve never really liked avocados except in guacamole, which I love. I commit all sorts of heresies with that, like adding sufficient pepperage to give it a good burn. Kinda counters what it is usually used for - a cooling agent.