Watery avocados

As a native of Southern California, all my life I’ve eaten California avocados. If I couldn’t get them I’d eat a similar (though not as good) variety from Chile. Well, I picked up a pair of enormous avocados that were from Florida. I’d never seen avocados the size of grapefruits before. They look fine when cut open, and seem to keep for a long time. But they’re a little watery. That is, they taste a little watery when eating a chunk, and actually a bit watery when mashed.

This morning I cut off a ring and mashed it up with some Tapatio and garlic powder and had it on top of my omelette. Not bad. But what can I do to cut down on the wateriness and bring out more of the creamy flavour?

Big, smooth-skinned, bright green on the outside, right? Not the wrinkly black palm-sized fruits you’re used to? Good luck finding a good way to eat them, because I much prefer the Hass avocados (the wrinkly black ones) and I find the Florida kind not only watery, but with an odd sweetness that totally puts me off.

Maybe slicing them thinly would help. They always seem to hard to me… but it’s a lack of creaminess, I think.

Yeah, those huge Florida ones get big gross strings through the flesh as well, kinda nasty, and I agree the flavor leaves much to be desired. I was in Paris once and went to a potluck type party–since we were from California everybody wanted us to bring chips and guacamole. All I could find were those giant watery suckers and I hated the guacamole I ended up with after fishing out the strings and using paper towels to soak off the water on top. I thought it was disgusting but everybody else raved over it–goes to show you that US Left Coast people are spoiled ROTTEN when it comes to avocados!

Yes, those are they. The one I’m eating today was sliced open last week. It wasn’t hard then, and it’s smooth now. The other one is probably the same. I haven’t noticed any sweetness; but I do like avocados with Miracle Whip, which is sweet. (That’s the only time I’ll eat Miracle Whip, unless I’m making SPAM-salad sandwiches.)

God, I hate those things. Totally tasteless. Like rubbery plastic with a hint of something vaguely avocado-like, and that sort of sweaty thing going on. They never mush right either, but basically just rice up into firm mini chunklets. Crappiest guacamole ever.

Yeah, different animal entirely. I haven’t ever found a use for them yet.