Assaulted girl left lying half-naked in parking lot for 3 hours by jerk businessmen!

This 17-year-old girl was beaten up sometime last Friday night. She was left lying naked from the waist down in a parking lot by Vendôme metro. She was spotted at 7 am the next morning by people coming in to work at a nearby telemarketing company - but their supervisor told them not to call an ambulance! She finally was taken to hospital three hours later.

This is infuriating. I went to a protest about it this evening. I mean, jeez. It doesn’t take a fucking superhero to call 911.

Maybe the supervisors just rarely got the chance to see half-naked women, and wanted to milk the opportunity for all that it was worth.

Or maybe they were just assholes that should be raped up the ass with heavy mining equipment.

If they called 911, who would pay for it? I hope you are not insinuating that the business should pay for it out of their own pockets!


----Nicklz turns from thread with disgust-----

  1. Nicklz, given your evident disposition towards women, you shouldn’t be “turning away with disgust”, you should be cheering your sick ass brethren on. 'Nuff said about that.

Anyway, I would tear the people who did that to her limb from limb. Abusers of women (hell, of anyone) do not deserve mercy, nor do they merit my solicitude.

I say just put them up against the wall and be done with them. Give them the same chance that they gave their victims. Pieces of shit.

Ah. Telemarketers. That does explain it.

That wasn’t very polite, Airman… dragging mud from one thread to another seems a tad unnecessary, don’t you think?

This story is equally as horrible as the nine-year-old girl who was left for dead in a crack house in Chicago many years ago, where there was not an evil businessman to blame in sight. As it happens, according to the linked article, it was a clerk-level supervisor (like a manager-on-duty at a fast-food joint) who made the moronic decision to delay the call, and not the “businessmen” [pluarl] derided by the Opening Post.

In fact, the company’s president stated, “We are deeply shocked and saddened by all accounts of this incident… We’re very aggressively working against a quick timetable, because we very much want to bring closure to this, and decide what actions we need to take.” According to the article, the “company is concerned for the girl and her family, and is making every effort to co-operate with local authorities in their investigation of the crime.” So the implication in the thread’s title of a conspiracy by “businessmen” is absurd, fanatical, and misleading.

Well said Libertarian. On behalf of all businessmen, fuck off Matt. You’ve got a lot to learn before you go from Dairy Queen jerk to $100,000 a year member of parliament, Matt. If I were to venture a generalization on this incident I’d be critical of the mindset of telemarketing wage-slaves in Montreal, or even Montrealers in general. This absolutely would never happen in downtown Calgary, the business capital of Canada. Within minutes a crowd would be around her, covering her up and providing first aid, and police and an ambulance would be there in minutes. This is absolutely true.

Maybe they thought she was an “Anglophone”?

Oh please, Lib. And NONE of those telemarketers who saw her could go with their conscience and against their boss? The article says what matt did. “The girl’s plight has caught the attention of Montrealers, in part because of a three-day struggle by police to determine her identity, and because employees of a telemarketing company waited hours to call for help after first seeing her in their parking lot.”

Go be upset, fine. Don’t yell at matt_mcl for it. Real nice of y’all.

For what it’s worth, Falcon, I would have called 911 and dared the stupidvisor to stop me.

:rolleyes: Oh, please, Mary.

businessperson: a person engaged in trade or commerce. (Canadian Oxford)

If she had been found in a metro station, I would have said “…by jerk transit employees.” If she had been found in front of a library, I would have said “…by jerk librarians.” If she had been found in front of an ice cream parlor, I would have said “…by jerk ice-cream jerks.” Okay?

If you can take one word in a thread title and accuse me of believing in some vast conspiracy - especially considering I didn’t talk about anything of the sort in the body of my OP - you should either get your reflexes checked PDQ, or you have some vested interest in accusing me of this.

Either way, using a discussion of this girl’s pain to take a jab at some kind of voodoo strawman of myself is beneath contempt.

Oh, and Al? Deriding my employment status is fucking low, all right?

So as I understand it, fully 100% of the telemarketing employees were fully obedient, as opposed to the 65% that Milgram found in the general population. It figures.

I am saddened that such things are happening in Canada, which for so long has been a beacon illuminating the proper path of behavior for the United States.

No doubt many Americans will be writing letters to the editors of Canadian newspapers to display their outrage.

Well, first off:

People didn’t realize she had been beaten. There was no blood, what I understood was they thought she was drunk and had passed out.

The supervisor in charge of the people that saw her got fired the other day.

Not all people are uncaring assholes and I seriously doubt these people went: “Ha ha! Look at the girl in the coma!”

Benifit of the doubt, people, benefit of the doubt.

A girl, lying apparently unconcious, naked from the waist down…

And it’s alright that nobody called 911, because they thought she might be DRUNK AND PASSED OUT?!?!?

What fucking planet are you on, LaurAnge?

No matter why she was unconcious - drunk, raped, hit by a car, didn’t get enough sleep - she was obviously in trouble, and needed help.

The idea that she didn’t deserve that help if she was drunk is sickening…

Geez, you make it sound like I’d go kill puppies of the fun of it.

If they thought she was drunk and passed out, there would not be that sense of urgency had they known he suffered head injuries.

Also, there are (unfortunately) homeless people who sleep in and around metro stations in Montreal. Just because YOU know she had been beaten and needed help doesn’t mean for sure THEY knew.

I’d also like to note that only a few people in the building saw her. It’s wasn’t, like, 200 people laughing at the “peep show” (as they called it).

Sorry about the multiple postings, but this was the first article published in the Gazette about it. On the website, they say it’s a woman in her early 30’s., but I remember distinctly them saying she was 18 years old (she is really 17).

Also, note that the employees said they didn’t know she was in distress.

In Tucson there was this dirty old man who lived next door to Alexander’s Magic Shop, where I hung out whenever possible (they sold juggling supplies, too).

One day, the man was walking down Grant Rd. This is a zillion-lane extremely busy main artery road. He keeled over dead.

He lay there for AN HOUR before anyone called an ambulance :frowning:

If I saw a girl laying in the parking lot I’d probably walk over and ask if she was ok. If no response, I’d call 911. If it was a guy, I’d probably get a guy to go ask if they were ok, then call 911. Leaving her there for 3 hours is just sad, no matter what the reason was that she was there. I hope someone is festering with guilt just about now.