Assbag general says that Bush was "Chosen by God" to lead the fight against "Satan&qu

I’ve got a strong contender for fuckhead of the month here. i’m surprised he hasn’t been pitted already.


This guy is clearly a moron but what is he doing with any authority in this conflict? He is hurting the US with his ignorant, bigoted, stupid remarks. He is is misrepresenting American policy towards the Islamic world and giving fuel to the fire for those who already suspect that this attitude is emblamatic of the US as a whole and that the “War on trerror” is really a US led attempt to eradicate Islam.

More from this genius:

We’re in Jack Chick territory with this clown but Rummy seems to be defending him. I don’t know what Shrub has to say. No doubt he secretly agrees with all of this bullshit but he doesn’t have the balls to say it publicly.

It’s unconscionable that this Boykin fuckhead is allowed to have any power at all in the this conflict. It’s like sending an avowed White Supremacist to lead an intervention in Liberia.

What a fucking :wally

Gahh. I messed up the thread title. Ishould just say “…lead the fight against Satan.”

Thank God we aren’t like those Muslim religious fanatics.

Uh. Wow.

You’re just not looking hard enough.


Don’t you mean “Thank our bigger, better and realer God?”

Once more Shrub and his crew are painting terrorist crosshairs on our backs with their “Christian” drivel. How long is it going to take for America to realize what a danger this mixture of theology and government represents. Haven’t we just overthrown one of the worst theocracies in some time? The irony is inescapable, evidently incredible stupidity and pompous sanctimonious bullshit politics aren’t.

I know. I found the GD thread immediately after I posted this one. Sorry for the repetition. At least I put it in a different forum.

I put Boykin in the same class as those odious Christian athletes who credit their success to God. I suppose the soldiers who were killed in Somalia must have been on the big guy’s bad side. (God’s, not Boykin’s)

Psst. FOLLOW the link. It isn’t to where you think it is.


Wait a minute…I thought we were the Great Satan. So now they’re Satan, and God is on our side? I’m so confused. Does anyone have an updated program showing whose side God is on now?

Oh…ok. I thought of checking that thread but I was sort of afraid to go in there. :wink:

Ok, I’m late with this. It isn’t the first time.

So? I’ve been saying Bush was chosen by Supreme beings to be president for a long time. :slight_smile:

But in all seriousnessl, this guy’s career is now over. He can forget about any more stars. My guess is that the Pentagon and Defense Department are going to publicly back him (“Fine general. Of course he has the right to his opinion”), then, after this goes off the media radar screen, he’ll be announcing his retirement. The Pentagon can’t be all that happy with him…they’re just not going to punish him in front of civilians.

Darwin’s Finch, I’m even more confuzzled:

I don’t even know which side Bob’s on, anymore.

Note to self-- never let generals in the late stages of amphetamine psychosis take your holiday snaps down to the photomat for you.

“My Invisible Daddy Who Lives in the Sky can beat up your Invisible Daddy Who Lives in the Sky!”

If God had meant for me to read about this lunatic, he would have seen to it that the subject was posted a second time since I missed it the first time.


What’s this all about? I think we can all agree that the general is, to be kind, off his rocker. But how are atheletes who thank God even in the same dimension? They don’t demonize the other team. They don’t say that every game is a fight between God and Satan. They don’t even use God to justify cheating. So color me :confused: .

I think it’s the whole “God likes me more than you” thing.

Granted, that doesn’t bug me as much as people who explain that God is to thank for people living through an accident or disaster, when others didn’t survive.

I agree. Although I’d find it even more difficult to believe in a God who was a sports-fan, or who otherwise meddled in entertainment contests, such a belief is pretty harmless. This guy is a danger.


There are athletes who say that God won games for them.

I’ve also heard them say that God made them catch a ball or hit a three point shot at the buzzer, etc.

Kurt Warner said that Jesus broke Trent Green’s knee for him so Warner could “get an opportunity” to start for the Rams. Jesus is Jeff Gillooly. Who knew?

A few months ago HBO’s Real Sports did a segment on fundies in the NFL. It included interviews with non-Christian players and the harassment they received from Christians. One player related how his team taunted him after a victory in which the other team had missed a field goal at the end of the game. They told him that God had made the ball miss and that he couldn’t possibly deny this “miracle” as proof of God’s existence.

It also talked about players blanketing locker rooms with tracts and pmaphlets but becoming insensed when one guy brought a copy of the Tao Te Ching into the facility. Those guys are scary.