The insanity of political correctness

While government sponsored Imams and Clerics wish for the death of all infidels…from countries who are supposed to be our allies no less, we have spineless weak politically correct assholes that refuse to see this.

Yet, someone like Pat Robertson, or just lately Boykin make comments that are derogatory but in no well wish the death of others, these pc idiots start jumping up and down.

Heres a Peice from Cal Thomas of the LA newspaper

CAL THOMAS: Muzzling the wrong dog

Tribune Media Services
Published: October 20, 2003, 10:54:00 AM PDT
(TMS) -

Why don’t members of the Islamic faith silence some of their own? They can start with speakers at the Organization of Islamic Conference last week in Malaysia. Mahathir Mohamad, the Malaysian prime minister, told an applauding audience made up of kings, presidents and emirs that Jews are running and ruining the world. Jews, he claimed, “invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy so that persecuting them would appear to be wrong, so that they can enjoy equal rights with others.”

Oh, yes, because adding Christian ignorant fundamentalist religious xenophobia to Muslim ignorant fundamentalist religious xenophobia will help the situation SO MUCH!

Even allowing that a military/spook solution is the way to win the War on Terror, I don’t see how continuing to inflame American Muslims by beating your Godly Christian Chest is going to help.

Boykin and the Christian Ayatollahs are chastised because their religious justifications and prejudices are irrelevant to the situation. This is NOT a war between faiths, goddamit…

Posting the entire content of an article is a no no here. You should quote a small bit of it and provide a link to it if it’s online, or otherwise attribute it.

I think you have missed the point. Im an agnostic so to me religion is not the issue I am addressing.
What I am addressing is the hypocracy involved by those who want to silence one and say nothing about the others.

Dang, I was going to edit the post and quote some of it and post a link, but forgot thats not possible here.
Heres the link anyhow

The difference is that Lt. Gen. Boykin is a leader of our military, and his comments can be thought to represent the goals and aims of our military occupation of Iraq. Non-stupid people recognize that his remarks have a good chance to cause both harm to our reputation as a country and to all the soldiers we have over there who tend to get shot a lot more often when idiot leaders say things that make them look like conquerors to the people in that region.

In other words, it has nothing to do with political correctness, you dumb fuck.

But my point is that all the religious penis-measuring is completely irrelevant. The crazy fundamentalists who wail off the top of minarets are as irrelevant as the crazy fundamentalists who sweat and cry and speak gibberish in a nice suburban church. Nobody’s saying that the people who are actually responsible for the terrorist attacks should get their say and the people on our side shouldn’t. Reasonable people recognize that both sides of the crazy religion coin need to have a good long shut-up. But the ones that we have some chance of actually talking to about it are the Christian ones. The Muslim ones aren’t even reading our emails…

Fuck you dumb ass, you dont have a fuckin clue what is going on!
Iraq is small in regards to what has been taking place for the last 50 years.
Wake up Dumbass

My goodness…I think that’s the first time I’ve seen someone jump from “mildly off” to “ranting paranoiac” in five posts…

Is it the Bilderbergers? Or maybe the Illuminati?

Is Cthulhu really the one behind it all?

<Nicholson>You can’t handle the truth!</Nicholson>

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First of all, let me just compliment you on your written communication. For someone of your, um, stupidity, you’ve done wonders with the little you have to work with.

However, I would offer a little tip. It’s helpful to stick to one stream of idiotic babbling at a time. You were already started on “people who get mad at Boykin should get equally mad at every other crazy religious person or else they’re prejudiced!” If you cross over to “the CIA is beaming secret information into my brain” halfway through, people might not take you seriously. And then it’s just you and your many, many diaries.

Wow. What a way to make your case. The logic! The facts! The passion!

Well, I’m convinced. Sign me up!

If General Boykin was wounded by the PC thugs, maybe he ain’t the kind of strong leader we need in Iraq.

I edited it.

For the Straight Dope

A one trick pony.


From the “A” link above

Can anyone see what’s wrong with this picture?

The writer started typing before engaging his brain?

Usually someone who has lurked for as long as you have has learned that the above does not make your case, even in The Pit.


How about if someone beats his decidedly ungodly chest?

Well, that’s not going to help either. But it’s decidedly irrelevant in regard to the OP, who obliquely cites General Boykin and the Ayatollah Robinson when naming people on whose behalf he’s decided to whine. Or spew. Or gibber. Can’t really decide which this particular thread will turn into yet…

Is this the guy who was posing as AlahAkbar?

Even without the fake Hajji-talk, he still makes little sense.

BTW, Randy, I think harm was implied when Pat “Nutjob” Robertson suggested nuking the state dept.
But please, don’t stop posting. You hypoChristians bust me up everytime.