asshat roomies

roomie used my computer and agreed to vista malware :mad:

now i have to get it off my damned computer.

Insert lots of swearing. I’m to pissed off and tired to swear :frowning:

Use some virus killers (more than one, because each will catch or miss something different) and cookie killers (in safe mode). If necessary, you may have to wipe the drives. When you finish, password the thing so he can’t even boot up.

Ouch. Make sure your new install includes a roomie-proof password.

Or at the very least, a limited user account (no Administrator privileges).

Hey, the message box said your computer was at risk unless the program was installed immediately. He was trying to do you a favor. There’s no gratitude anymore. If you can’t trust a random message over the internet, who can you trust?

What is “vista malware”? There’s nothing inherent in Vista that spawns malware. I’m assuming you have a Vista OS on your computer and that your roommate got your computer infected with a virus or spyware from the internet…correct?

How to protect and clean your computer from malware

My guess is that the OP was using XP, and her roomie bought her a copy of Vista and installed it. Fits the description…I’d be pissed too.