Assholes with stereos.

I live in an apartment complex. This means that I have to listen to every asshole with a car stereo’s music.

Right now, there’s someone outside, probably in the parking lot, with his/her stereo so loud I can almost make out the words from my bedroom on the second story. This has been going on for a good 5 minutes so far. It’s some kind of slow rap-type stuff.

Listen to me folks: Just because you have a subwoofer doesn’t mean the whole neighborhood needs to know. My crummy little Saturn has a sub, too. Do I make to listen to my Slipknot? No! Because I’m aware that not everyone likes the same music that I do. Even if they did, they might be watching TV or having quiet time, or whatever.

Goddamnit. The music stopped for a few minutes there, and NOW IT’S BACK.

This goes for stoplights, too. I turn my music down because I always have at least one window rolled down. I don’t want your music overpowering mine, and I CERTAINLY don’t want to feel the frikkin’ base shake my car.

I have a 200w amp, and I see no reason why anyone would need anything higher than that for their car.

PS: It just makes me laugh when you have so much bass thumping through your car that it rattles. I hear bass coming, and as it comes closer, I hear a lovely little rattle/buzz noise with each bass thump. If you’re trying to be cool, it’s kind of not working.

Several years ago, I read a story about a teen who’d been brought up before a judge on noise charges for playing his car stereo too loud. Rap or hip-hop, I think.

The judge’s sentence was to put the kid in a room for 4 hours with polka music played at the same volume as he’d been playing his music, on the theory that if the kid were forced to listen to something he disliked, at volume, he might learn some consideration. I never did hear if the sentence was successful, or even executed, but damn, I like the way the judge thought!

I heard the same thing, and that the kid had to listen to country music.

That sounds too good to be true, tho. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was an UL.

I heard the same thing, and that the kid had to listen to country music.

That sounds too good to be true, tho. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was an UL.

Oh yeah. And as it turns out, it’s NOT a car, but some folks in the building across the lot from mine. They’re sitting on their patio, stereo blaring. How no one in their building is pissed, I have no idea.

If I were you, I’d put a stereo out on my balcony facing them and blast the heaviest stuff you have as loud as it’ll go. But then, I’m vengeful like that.

Oh, believe me, I’ve been thinking about it.

ponder What’s more annoying to the rap crowd - Otep, My Ruin, Slipknot, Mudvayne, or Static-X?

OTOH, I could just walk over there and politely yell up at them to turn it the fuck down.

But…you don’t seem to understand. If everyone can’t hear my music, how can they know how cool I am?

(For the record, and in case the sarcasm wasn’t dripping heavily enough, I’m 38 - my ship of cool set sail so long ago it isn’t even a silhouette on the horizon any longer.)

Get the Apocalypse Now soundtrack and cue up Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries.

Another vote for the “Ride of the Valkyries”. Or the “Dies Irae” from Verdi’s Requiem.

Andf hey! What’s so crummy about a Saturn, huh?

:mad: Saturn owner :mad: Saturn lover :mad:

I’ll loan you my new cast recording of Fiddler on the Roof.


It’s a small world, after all.
It’s a small world, after all.
It’s a small world, after all.
It’s a small, small world.

&c, ad nauseum.

My Saturn’s only crappy compared to, y’know, most cars with a sub. I loves me Saturn - 226,000m and still going, even if the tires are crap.

Thankfully, they finally decided to go inside before I went over there. I was giving them until I got done cleaning out the rat cage and kitty litter before I went over, and they quieted down by then.

My weapon of choice for bass battles such as this was taiko. Taiko is Japanese drumming. The drums can be big enough to stand up and walk around in. And they make more rumble than anything the hiphop crowd can muster.

The last apartment I lived in faced the parking lot. One day, out of the blue, I was in my computer room and suddenly heard music so loud it sounded like it was coming from my living room (I was on the third floor, with no open windows). I figured out that it wasn’t coming from any of the apartments around me, and when I stepped out on my balcony I could tell that it was coming from one car that was parked in the lot. Some kid was sitting behind the wheel, door open, blasting this music . . . of course, with his back (and the back of the car) to my building.

After a few minutes of incredible noise, I went outside. I walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder (which made him jump, because the music covered any sound of my approach), and politely but firmly told him to turn it down. He did, with kind of a “sorry, lady” attitude, but no sooner had I taken three steps from him when the volume came back! So I went back over and this time I yelled at him, “Dude, I’m not fucking around! I will call the cops if you don’t knock it off!” That worked, but it pissed me off that I had to say anything in the first place.

I had a lot of noise trouble in that building . . . including a downstairs neighbor who, when asked to lower the gospel music that was drowning out the sound of my television, told me I’d have to call the cops if I wanted her to turn it down. :rolleyes: That apartment is the very reason I now live in a townhouse. :smiley:

Dunno. But my memory is that I read it in a newspaper article about a local judge in central NJ. Gave the judge’s name, court location, and the whole bit (except the kid’s name, as he was a juvenile). Perhaps he was inspired by an UL? I wish I’d cut the article out and saved it; it was a classic.

Is there a microphone attached to your computer? Record yourself yelling “TURN IT THE HELL DOWN,” burn it onto a CD, and play it full blast on your patio on repeat.

I used to get a ride to school with a friend who had a ghetto-blaster. She’d turn up the bass, and the volume so high that the car would rattle so much the CD would skip.

And every time that happened, I laughed my ass off.

Not Static-X, with Wayne Static teaming up with the Executioners and all. Doesn’t Slipknot have a song about Evolution? Piss off the rappers AND the fundies.

My first apartment, there would often be bass coming through the walls loud enough to literally cause shit to fall off the walls and dance around in the sink. You could hear the silverware vibrating in the drawers. One time, I did go around knocking on doors to see who was doing it, as it was so loud and so bass-heavy that I couldn’t tell where it was coming from, but it turns out all of my immediate neighbors had their stereos on full blast, so I never did find out who the jerk was with the overactive subwoofer.

My current apartment is great. I live next to a little old lady and below a little old man, so I never have any problems with noise. :smiley: If you ever have problems with loud music coming up from an apartment below you, though, a friend of mine has the perfect solution: take two giant subwoofers, hook them up to an industrial-strength amp, lay them face-down, and blast a straight 25 Hz or so tone at them for an hour.

Bluegrass. Seriously. Drives ‘em nuts, they’ll literally run screaming from you. I’m tempted to put a bitchin’ stereo in my car just so I can do this. I’ll also put an illuminated sign that reads, “Now you know how the rest of us feel when you play that shit at high volume.” :smiley: