Turn it down!

Hey you! That’s right, you…the silly sonofabitch with the hi-watt radio/tape/CD player in your car and the huge speakers complete with wolfers and tweeders or what every the hell you call them. I got a few words for you bro…turn that mofo down!!! You ain’t impressing nobody! Hear me you deaf bastard?? No…Bod…E!! Your disturbing the fucking peace moron!

I use to play rock and roll professionally and 500 decibels are fine in the right venue, but cranking up your bass-boosted watt-infested CD player cruising through residential neighbors and parks, rattling the fucking windows ain’t the right venue.

Look I know that you are young and full of hormones but the fucking world does not revolve around you. Guess what idiot, there are other people living here on the planet. Most of us have earned the right not to have to listen to the ear-splitting shit that makes your dick hard ok? I don’t want your head numbing, sphincter vibratin all/eyes/on/me music blasting through my neighborhood… comprenday vou? eh?

Yours truly,

I’m with you…I freaking hate that too. You know that a part of this generation that does this will be deaf by the time they are 30.

I remember sitting at a stop light leaving the grocery store. I was happily playing my Led Zeppelin with the windows down. Okay I may listen to it loud, then this bitch pulled up next to me with hers at decibels that are louder than a jet engine. I couldn’t even hear my music! I rolled up my window and the bitch gave me a dirty look at mouthed the words “fuck you”.

I almost came unglued, but didn’t. Man, even thinking about that incident has my blood boiling…

What would be real cool is to have a remote that interferes with their damn stereos and blasts them with classical and wont let them make any changes for 2 hours!

Oh man, aha, I am so relieved that you feel the same as techchick and I.
I can’t stand it when some asshole thinks that everyone must like whatever music he is listening to. I’m not saying that these folks can’t enjoy their big ass stereo equipment. I’m not saying they can’t play it really loudly.
All I’m saying is they should limit this to when they are driving on the freeway, or at a carshow, or something like that.
I used to sell car audio for a living. Thusly I have a decent system in my car. But I’m not an asshole with it. I even turn it down at stoplights (that’s what the mute button is for!) and in lines (like at the bank) and such.
It’s just the principal of the thing. It’s about common fucking courtesy. It’s about not impressing yourself or your beliefs on others.
If I had a nickel for every time I yelled at some asshole to turn his stereo down before I turned it down for his punk ass I’d have like 10 bucks.

And then they want to act all toughshit with me because they have a gun or something like that and they will shoot me over the volume of their stereo.

And then some assholes want to ban guns so I have to steal a gun and become a felon myself in order to defend myself from one of these shmucks. Uh-uh. No way, pal. Fuck that, I don’t think so.
As long as there is some putz out there that will shoot me because I ask him to show a little common courtesy, then the odds will need to be evened somehow.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win, but those who never win and never quit are idiots.”

Yeah, I agree too, but these guys with 1,200 watt kickers in their trunk blasting rap have got to be the most annoying.

Huh ? What did you say ? I can’t hear very well . . . what ??

this has become a sore point for me. The house next door has people constantly comeing and going, leaving the thumpa thumpa thumpa going loud and clear many times well into the night. Of course, the house has been busted twice in the past 6 months for drug dealing. :slight_smile:

The other night, I approached 3 young men who were in and around a car parked next door on the opposite side. The boom box was so loud that it not only drowned out the TV in my basement on at medium volume, but when I tried to use the computer, it was vibrating my mouse! When I went out to complain - my little 5 foot 5 inch body was nearly attacked by 3 young jocks each over 6 feet tall and serveral years younger. Calling the cops only caused frustration because they only took a statement and did nothing.

I hate being tormented in my own house. I want to find a way to harness microwaves to make a device to blow out those big ass speakers or short circuit those big bucks boxes… or at the very least pull out the bullhorn and the Polka Greats at 7:05 am the night after the big party.

“If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research, would it?”

{{{500 decibels are fine in the right venue}}}—Aha

Provided you want to cause death in the hearer. :wink:


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Hey DebiJ, where do you live?
I would happy to round up some of the boys to come on over and go with you when you ask them to turn that shit down.
If they don’t want to, then they sure as hell won’t threaten you, and you can call the cops and complain again.
If you complain enough, I’m sure they will eventually do something.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win, but those who never win and never quit are idiots.”

It’s all a status symbol amongst my generation… Whos stereo ‘thumps’ the loudest without rattling the trunk lid or tail light covers to pieces. One more than one occaison, I’ve knocked on the windows of cars parked in university housing and asked them if they know how annoying they are, and if they knew that there are 20 people inside other apartments around that would like to take your car apart with a sledge hammer.

Unfortunately, there are some very very inconsiderate people out there. I personally would like to put some sort of blame on those kid’s parents for not teaching them manners, but this is not always the case. They just don’t care and would rather ‘show off’ than be polite.

I must admit that when I was younger (I’m a whopping 22 now) I wanted a stereo that people could hear and feel before I arrived on scene. I’m sure glad that I didn’t sell a kidney so that I could afford stero componentry that would allow me to do so. Music at insanely high levels is very hard to keep sounding like music. So, all they are doing is listening to garbled words (crap, mostly) and messing with their heart’s rhythem with the bass thumps.

I am perfectly happy with my factory speakers and 4 year old CD stereo coupled with two 10" subwoofers that I have in a box in the trunk. Yes, I do have the big speakers, but unless I have the volume too high for me to stand it, it is hard to hear outside of the vehicle. I simply wanted something to accentuate and heighten the sound and feel, if you will, of the music that I listen to, not force everyone else to listen to it too!

So, I may be the minority, but not all “kids with loud stereos” are the bad ones.

It is now very late, and I can sense my rambing. So long, and good night.

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Oh yes… they make me want to scream. I listen to Classical, and one of my fantasies is to blast these morons with my Classical for several hours, when they are trapped and cannot escape. Actually, some friends of mine (sort of) did that once. Some lame neighbor was “sharing” his musical taste with them too much, so one day they blasted Classical out of their house, in the morning, hoping he’d be delighted by it. (I’m sure he was…)

Another thing that amazes me is that these morons do not know what risk they are doing to their hearing. This isn’t a joke - it really will happen. Sound at high decibels will really damage one’s hearing. I am now in my late 30s, and yet I have better hearing (and I am sure I have some hearing loss already) than many of these people who insist on blastingly loud music.

And yet when you tell them that, they won’t believe you. Even when they are confronted with the reality that their hearing as already starting to be affected. They think you are being a “stick in the mud”, and trying to spoil their fun. Well you know what? I will feel no sympathy for any idiot who willingly damages their hearing like that. So – HA HA HA, you deaf bastard! You did it to yourself! (I feel compelled to add - listening to your Walkman too loud will screw with your hearing too.)

Okay Lex – we’re handing you the ball for the next GD thread: “Car Stereo vs. Gun Control, May the Best Man Win.”

Dr. Watson
“That’s music? Me bairn shits better compositions into her diapers.”

Yeah, Doc, those topics really go together.

I wonder if these people are at a higher risk of heart problems as well as hearing problems? I can feel the bass having an effect on MY heart when I sit next to one of these guys at a stoplight.

Of course, they probably wouldn’t listen to warnings of heart trouble either.
– Sylence

“Excuse me, are you reading Torah and eating crayons?”

I went to a local fast food drive up tonight called The Sonic. You have to push the button on a speaker to order your burger. As I was about to order a low-rider customized pickup came drifting through the driveway, which is basically a drive in then circle around the little cookshack and exit back out onto the street. You think this hot studley bastard came to order a burger?? Sheeeiit naw, he came to let everyone see his ride and worse hear his iggnert music.

As he rolled by, the speakers were so loud that I could not order through the speaker. A pencil on my dash actually vibrated around!
I opened my window and screamed “Turn it down.” At which point he dog eyed me all the way around but he was probably too deaf to hear me.

Is there a decibel law out there? Can you get a ticket for your radio being to loud?

Yours truly,

The cops here in OC pull 'em outta the car and do a Rodney King upside theirs heads.
It’s funnier 'n hell to watch.

Er, I know I will sound stupid for asking this, but
As usual, doc, your response to me has left me bewildered and unsure of what you want me to say.

Now dammit you have went and confused me as well…

Yours truly,

I recently moved from a pretty nice apartment, mostly because I grew tired of hearing the bass from house music to my side and the bass from rap music from upstairs.

I think that a basic rule of life is that nobody wants to (nor should have to) hear anyone else’s music.


THANK GOODNESS none of my neighbors play loud music—that has happened to me in the past and it’s infuriating. There are a few teenagers in the neighborhood with too-loud car music, but at least they drive the hell AWAY. And why is it always rap? No one ever seems to play Cole Porter at top volume in their cars.

Have any of you noticed how loudly people play their Walkmans? Every day, I’ll sit near people on the train or subway, and I can clearly hear the music in their headphones, two or three seats away. I guess the deafer it makes 'em, the louder they have to turn it up . . .

I just yelled out the window at one of these idiots, “HEY! TURN IT DOWN!” And they turned it down!

I’ll be damned. Never thought that would work.

Freakin old men…