Assorted thoughts on VH1's STRIP TEASE

I would never watch a piece of sleaze like this show . Ordinarily. But for some reason it’s the only thing that my TV will pick up on Thursday nights, and I have to watch something for fear of missing an important news announcement. That said, a few thoughts:

*In addition to seeming like a genuinely sweet person, Josh is the most beautiful creature on TV. (Unfortunately no direct link to a pic, but you can find one on the site.)

*Letting Bryce go- what the hell was he thinking? I never understood the “worst body” think (he didn’t, he just wasn’t as buff), he had a very handsome face, he was popular with the women- what the…?

*Brian is crass, ugly, and brutish. Great body, don’t get me wrong, but he looks like a date rape looking for a Chevy and I think women see that.

*I don’t care if he’s married with kids, Billy Cross is queerer than a five-legged Portugese speaking mongoose in a miniskirt. NO straight guy makes his living by noticing other men’s butts and smiles like that, and it hurts him. I’m convinced that he’s casting guys solely based on what he thinks is attractive and forgetting that different women have different types- not everybody likes bodybuilders, and Josh’s buttlessness is even considered cute by many.

*Why is Rick so oddly sexy to me? He’s ugly, the red Mohawk doesn’t work and he’s whiny. Hmmm. Paula-Abdul clone woman nailed it with him, though- there’s just something there.

Anybody else have any thoughts on this show that I never watch… but just happen to have on sometimes due to a cable problem?

Uh- the OP should read


LOL. I think my favorite part was when Billy said that women can spot a gay guy “just like that”. That thought amuses me…lol

I only watch this show because the TV’s already on VH1 for Kept. Uh huh, yeah, that’s it.

Sean isn’t the innocent cosmetology student he pretends to be. He’s also a veteran of cheesy reality TV, having been a contestant on Hot or Not.

If that’s so, then Rick is riding shotgun. Every time I see him I can practically hear the judge denying bail. Which I find bizarrely hot.

Not that it makes any difference really, but I’m kinda disappointed that he went for stunt casting with the twins. They’re not that attractive, I hate the blonde tips on the afro look and I find the one with the tips very unpleasant.

Is he the one who was already dancing in a Philadelphia club (and wouldn’t by The Abdul Experience a cheesesteak)?

I missed a couple of episodes. Which one is the twinky cheerleader guy who auditioned in his front yard and is he still on the show?

What, I’m supposed to remember pplot points now?!