Strip Search: the Finale

Was this the most contrived reality show moment yet or what? I’m referring to Billy “I’m not Gay, see I’ve got a weddin’ band, mate!” Cross’s waiting until two hours before the show to make the final cut. (Or maybe it was a legitimate business decision: the market for depressed strippers is way underexploited.)

I do at least approve of his choice (dumping Brian, who never should have been chosen in the first place- great body but fugly face and fuglier attitude). Of course I’d totally have dumped Rick (who was clean shaven in some “confessionals” and moustached in others) for Bryce, and I’d have shown one helluva lot more of the actual show (especially those featuring my future husband Josh in his thong).

The audience for this show when done live is women only. I wonder if any straight women were actually among the core viewers of the show.

Yeah, that was pretty pathetic. They could just as easily have announced the cast the night before, showed the last-minute preparations and then the show.

The concept for the show is a little odd. Stripping pilgrims?

I would’ve been OK with either Brian or Rick, because they both looked like weaselly thugs and I kinda like that in a stripper. Terry should’ve been shown the door a long time ago, but it was pretty obvious early on that Billy was going to go for the twin stunt casting. And while Bryce had a gorgeous face, he didn’t have the body to go with it. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating carbs, but if I saw him stripping I wouldn’t buy it because of the gut.

The American Storm website. All the losers have big red Xs through them.

I think he’s made the same mistake with this team that he did with Thunder in that there’s not enough diversity of body type and coloring, etc… The Thunder guys all looked the same pretty much (some with uglier faces and better bodies than the guy next to them), but aside from My-Future-Husband-Josh™ these guys are all dime-a-dozen-in-gay-porn-bodybuilders.