Last Comic Standing

They’re bringing it back (though sans Jay Mohr – and, presumably, sans Drew Carey as an audition judge) – the new season starts tonight.

…I find this interesting since didn’t they prematurely cancel its last season because of poor ratings?

Thanks for the head’s up!

Yes, they did, because in their infinite wisdom, they did something like “Battle of The Last Comics Standing of Years One and Two”. It was just beyond dumb, IMHO.

Tonight, they’re back to the original premise, and it seems there will be a bunch of really good comics getting some air time in the weeks to come.

I loved how there was zero mention of Dat Phan in the opening section on how the show has catapulted the winners to stardom.

I watched this last night, since I was a fan of the first seasons. I was in the other room when my husband yelled “Theo!” Admittedly, I thought Malcolm Jamal-Warner was starting a new career, but even weirder was that it was Theo from Road Rules. Odd.

So the Buckstar Show has been practicing for a year and he still sucks as hard as he did when we first saw him?

Speaking of blasts from the past – did “Skippy” (Marc Price) make it to the next round?

Skippy didn’t make it.

I thought the Cerebral Palsy guy was funny. I also liked that blonde hottie college girl with the sweet delivery and “shock” punchlines (the girl who asked for one more joke in the initial audition). She reminded me of Sarah Silverman.

Prime time tv cripples the format. Most of the material the comics use is too blue.Plus we have our Christians who are the only people who are qualified to determine what others should watch.They may be great in a club but cant do their act.

I have seen a whole bunch of these comedians. Gerry Dee is a canadian comic who I’ve seen a number of times. I happen to think he’s hillarious but as he said he’s built more for a half hour set rather than 2 or 5 minutes so I’m not sure how well he’ll do on the show.

We’ll see. There are also two Jewish comedians that I liked as well (I have a terrible memory, I can’t remember the names). I also, sort of, liked the guy who called himself Willy Wonka. He was alright. New York and Miami was definately where all the talent seemed to lie.

Me too. It’d sure be something if she won, seeing as how she barely made it in to begin with. Not she’s good enough though, IMHO.

The “Uncle Larry” guy has been on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom radio show at least once, I’m sure.

I think this year will be pretty good. I liked many of the comedians, though not all of them.

Question: was it Marc Price (Skippy) who cracked up the woman from the Weakest Link by asking her to say “who’s your mama?” There is a discussion raging in my house over this. I thought it was very sad that he did not make it to the next round.

I could have sworn I set TiVo up to record this, so I was idly putting my 18-month old to bed when I should have been watching. I only caught the last 40 minutes or so. :frowning: I missed Skippy!

I loved it when that woman who won called her parents… “Uh, Mom, I might make some jokes about you being an alcoholic, on national TV. I hope that’s okay.”

She was also the one who made a joke about finding her dad’s porn stash – naked pictures of her.

I didn’t watch the last season much, but I saw the new episode last night.

Who the hell are the judges? They have the combined charisma of a car accident.

I liked the strange off the wall acts like that guy that spread I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter on his head. I also liked that guy that came on stage with the googly eye glasses and followed the show to every audition. Sure, they’re not har har funny, but at least they’re a change from the usual “white men do this and black men do that” or “why can’t I find a man who isn’t a drunk.”

Lots of Jew and Arab jokes.

The guy with CP was funny, but I’m afraid they’re just stringing him along on the pity card.

I would agree with you based on what we saw, but I thought his line from next week’s show was freaking hilarious — “you know, you’re all going to hell for laughing at me.”

The Doctor

I just wanted to say that Tuesday night’s premiere was repeated last night on Bravo, after Celebrity Poker Showdown. Good news for me, since I missed the first hour on Tuesday, I got to see what I missed - like Skippy getting left in the cold.

Carnick, the guy with the googly glasses is Buck Star, as in “Welcome to the Buck Star show.” In season two, he was in the first set of tryouts and was rejected. Then he basically followed the show around the country, trying out again in every city. He was tenacious, but unfunny. IIRC, they finally let him come back for the evening performance in the last city, but he was never invited back to Hollywood. It was kind of humorous seeing him again this year - I feel bad for him, because he is trying so hard; but he is still not funny (not that there weren’t a lot of others even less funny than him).

Looks like they’re rerunning the premiere tonight on NBC, 9-11 Eastern.

Rumor has it he’s actually an NBC staffer who they keep running up there William Hung-style.