Assuming Things Are Not The Way They Are Would You Believe That They Are The Way They Aren't

Well, would you?


I already do assume the first part and believe the second.

What else ya got?

:nods head until loose:

You’ve finally convinced me that God exists! Or that He doesn’t, as appropriate.

Aw, I like Skald, why’d you have to pit him?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++ Would Assume Again!

Do I have a choice?

A crab is not a fish but neither is it a bowling ball.

This is about liberal economics theory, isn’t it??


I already have.

You mean, if they suddenly discover that bleeding is not good for most illnesses?

If they finally figure out that illnesses can be caused by little organisms invisible to the naked eye?

That kind of thing?


“Things are not the way they are” is a contradiction, and therefore implies everything, including that they are the way they aren’t.

Homer: This isn’t about Jesus, is it?
Rev. Lovejoy: Everything is about Jesus, Homer. Except this.

But how about if you woke up and discovered that the scientific method was wrong, and that what we call up is really down, and *they *come in every night and switch everything in your house with something identical. What then smart guy?

I flip a coin and finally choose between booze and coke.

Can someone diagram the thread title for me?

I’ll try.

Did that help?

Let’s try this in MPSIMS instead.

I would liquify my sense of irony.