Asterix compendium?

I am looking for a compendium of asterix comics to give as a present…
Can anyone tell me where I can find it?
(Its not on amazon or bn)
Veera.(A guy from India.)

All right … are you wanting the graphic novel Asterix books (The Gaul, and the Goths, in Britain, etc) or a large bound version of ALL of them? I haven’t seen the latter, but I know that Virgin Records carries Asterix in their book department, and so does Barnes and Noble. Not sure about a Virgin website, but or should both get you to the latter.

Good luck, and great taste in comix. :slight_smile:

I was looking for a bound collection of all of them…I havent found them anywhere, I was hoping someone else had…

What language do you want them in?

Where do you live?

Asterix will only come in individual albums, as far as I know. I’ve never seen a bound book with several Asterix stories.

The reason I ask about where you live is because this week-end I was in San Francisco and found the best store I’ve seen in the USA for old-time european comic book characters like Tintin or Asterix. They also have a web page.

kar’ikter, The European Character store

If anyone would know about different editions of Asterix, they would.

P.S. If you’re going for a complete Asterix, you could probably stick with the Goscinny/Uderzo books. The books published after Goscinny’s death, authored only by Uderzo, aren’t as good.

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I just scored Asterix and Obelisk pez dispensers in Antwerp. They also had the wizard guy and another character, although I don’t remember which it was already.

Boy, that was unrelated. MPSIMS.


Are you still there??? Can you get MORE???

Doh. Sorry. I’m not. Maybe that place in S.F. which was mentioned carries them?

By the way, that store in San Francisco also seems to have a branch in New York City.

They had many more items than what is mentioned on their web page.