Astrologer Sues NASA Over Comet Probe

That’s the headline at Yahoo news. Must be a slow news day:

“…deform her horoscope.” :smiley:

I think the phrase I heard on the news was “a mosquito hitting a 747.” She must have quite a bit of arrogance of our abilities to change the universe.

…because they were too busy laughing their asses off.

It gets even better. From BBC:

Now that’s a Molokhov talk tale.

Hey, if this idiot can PROVE that astrology is real, then she should get the $300 million.

I am shocked…shocked to find out a professional astrologer is only in it for the cash.

Actually, she’s an amateur. From the BBC article

Hey . . . our HBO signal was crap yesterday. This explains it! Any chance this suit will go class-action?

So… my cable didn’t go out because of that hellacious thunderstorm last night? That does it! Sign me up! I say it’s class action lawsuit time!

I’ll call as soon as I quit laughing over “deform her horoscope”.

How long did it take you to come up with that? :slight_smile:

“Deformed horoscopes” is not politically correct.
They prefer to be referred to as “physically challenged astrological vision quests”.

And she didn’t see this coming?

Well, see, this is how you can tell that she’s an amateur astrologist.

Asteroid 2002 SR41 is retrograde in Gemini. Combine that with the fact that Quaoar was in close conjunction with QSO J1819+3845 on July 4th, and any professional astrologist could tell you that NASA couldn’t miss.

Also, I recommend strongly that you avoid voyages by sea and spicy foods until after Comet Swift-Tuttle transits NGC 6705.

How dare real science stand in the way of pseudo-science. Harumph !!! :mad:

If she were younger, maybe she would have sued Clyde Tombaugh for discovering Pluto.

If NASA did NOT smash into the comet, would she even have been aware of its existence? Did she always calculate this comet’s astral influence on all her astrological charts?

Sorry for sounding so angry. Must have something to do with the disturbance of the natural forces of the Universe. :smiley:

Hey, if it deformed her horoscope, it deformed mine too! and yours!

Where’s my $300 mil.

CORRECTING My Wording here:
If she were younger, maybe she would have sued Clyde Tombaugh for discovering Pluto.

What I meant to say is if she had been born *earlier *(say 1900?), she would have sued Clyde Tombaugh.

Thank you.

Again I apologize. I would NOT have made that mistake *if *the natural forces in the Universe were in their proper balance.

In America, you hit Comet.
In Soviet Russia, Comet hits you!

raises glass Tunguska!

[sub]Now, go ahead, post Gesundheit. You know you want to.[/sub]

NASA committed genocide when it hit comet.