Astroneer - like The Martian, with less potatos

*Astroneer *launched on Steam early access and the Windows/XBox store a few days ago and it’s a gem in the making.

No combat (which is a nice change) no aliens or animals (yet), liquids and asteroids are planned for the future.

The aesthetic looks a bit odd in the screenshots but it works beautifully in-game and there is a minimum of hand-holding allowing you to puzzle out things as you go.
The devs. are very active and have released a few patches already as problems are reported.

For $20 its a bargain and I fell like I’ve already gotten my moneys worth out of it. It’s still pre-alpha so expect some bugs and glitches but so far it’s been very stable for me.

Recommended if you want a more relaxed space exploration/crafting experience,

I bought and played this over the weekend – a fun and kind of relaxing game. Very free form and exploration-oriented. Anyone else play?

Nice to see someone else has tried this.

So far the devs. have been very active and supplying updates on their progress and goals.

From memory they are aiming at a monthly content update starting April so we should see more assets in the game very soon and there are constant performance updates getting rolled out as well.

For a ‘pre-alpha’ it’s in a nice state and I’ve already gotten my monies worth.

Don’t get too attached to anything right now as it’s not unusual to have to start a new game if there is a major update.

Great game to just chill and explore - I tend zone-out and listen to podcasts while playing.

That looks like fun! I don’t do early access, but I’ll be sure to check it out when it’s released.

I checked it out, I like it although I wish there were more handholding in the tutorial given that it’s you know, a tutorial. I’m having difficulty puzzling out what things are called and what they do, how they combine with other items. It tells me to press F1 to learn more about research but it doesn’t respond. I don’t know if that’s a bug or if I changed that when reconfiguring controls.