astronomy types help please.
I get NASA pictures on my computer everday. They show beautiful pictures of our amazing universe. Then I got this one. What is it?
I looked on the internets and there are 7 of them. Please explain them away.

What’s to explain? As the linked article in your link says, they’re so-called “skylight” openings into subterranean void spaces under the surface of Martian volcanoes. What surprises you?

This page shows an enhanced photo.

Oh, okay, try this page then.

How long have they been known.? I have seen no pictures of them before. Can they send a Rover over there.?

The Viking orbiters got some shots of lava tube skylights at Olympus Mons back in 1976 or 77.
There’s a picture and some discussion here. Those pictures, and the skylights themselves aren’t nearly as pretty as the holes shot by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

In somewhat over three years, Opportunity has traveled about 10.8 kilometers. Olympus Mons and Arsia Mons are thousands of kilometers from the rover sites.