At the cottage: "Doe, a deer, a female deer!"

We had a visitor at the cottage early yesterday morning:

I’m having problems accessing your link on non-mobile phones, but I’m going to use it as a pretext to link my photos from Rocky Mountain National Park from last year. :slight_smile:


Mmm… venison.

Wow, nice pics!

leahcim, by non-mobile phone are you saying that you’re trying to view pics on a landline? :smiley:

And Northern Piper, you guys sure are doing the whole Grizzly Adams thing, aren’t you? I’m envious!

Well, venison usually refers to deer meat where I’m from. The animals in leahcim’s photo are Rocky Mountain Elk, not deer.

Our house is across the street from a forest preserve, so deer sightings are an everyday occurrence… a hazard really. They mosey through the yard at any time of day, like they own the place. We’ve thrown rocks at them and not scared them away. There is one particular doe who had twin fawns for two consecutive years, and this year has TRIPLETS. One evening last fall I went out to get the mail and there were two bucks standing in the driveway. They stank of musk and since it was rutting season, I was scared and went back into the house.

I also live near a Forest Preserve on the far NW side of Chicago. On one occasion I saw 40 deer in one meadow that borders a semi-major street! The CTA Blue Line is also nearby, and about a year ago a train hit a deer. I’m told they have to chase deer off the track from time to time.

I’ve seen a couple of deer eating out of people’s hands. Once I was just standing watching a deer, and she meandered to well within my arm’s reach looking for a handout.

My first thought when seeing Northern Piper’s picture was to wonder if it was passed through a “Monet” Photoshop filter.

I live near a river valley that is home to who-knows-how-many deer, and they sometimes explore outside of the valley. So, I came home late one night and pulled into my driveway, to the great surprise of a deer standing in it. Thankfully, I did not hit the animal, and it ran away safely.

I did not have a camera though–Northern Piper, good thing you did!

Nope - I don’t have Photoshop and don’t know what a Monet filter does?

Well, we’re having fun, but not expecting to see any grizzlies!

Did see a flock of pelicans in flight yesterday - just thought they were gulls at first, them did a double-take at their size and realized they were pelicans.

You need to come to Alberta for those. I’ve seen them in Waterton National Park–had to stop the car to allow this guy to cross the road.

(On this particular day, I did have my camera.)

Screen door?

mmmm venison … so many recipies, so little time!

Good that he was moving away rather than towards you!

Are you meaning the fuzziness of the image? It’s because it was early morning (around 4.30 iirc), so low-light, and I used the close-up function on my iPhone, which makes the deer look closer than she was, at the expense of increased graininess. If you go to the previous shot, also on my Flickr page, you’ll get a better feel for the distance.

Makes an image look like an impressionist painting. I really like how the red object on the right side looks, as well as the door frame.

It kind of looks like an image that was first converted to a dithered GIF and then converted to JPEG with a high quality level. Or maybe low-light conditions and a high CCD gain.

Ah! That explains why the artifacts are multiple pixels wide. Now it all makes sense; high gain plus scaled up.

We have lots of deer in our neighborhood too.

Here’s a couple pics I took last week.


Fawns with one doe - there’s another but she was out of range for this shot.

It’s all in the eye of the beholder - the “red object” is a faded orange garbage bag that was waiting for garbage day, and the door frame looks like that because we repaired the broken frame with new wood and never got around to painting it! :slight_smile: