At what age (an offshoot of Incubus' thread)

This is just a poll I guess. But continuing from his thread, where people where making points about there not being any single men or women in their area, people getting into big commitments while young, etc, I figured this question would be better posed in a separate thread.

At what age did you have your first serious relationship, and at what age did you meet the person you are currently with? I guess also giving your age helps too.

Oh, and this isn’t just a question to the ladies.


were making points

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First serious relationship, I’d have to say 13…it lasted over a year, and as an adult, I can say still it felt like love.

I met my husband when I was 18 and we got together when I was 21. Got married at 22.

I had a couple of girlfriends in High School, but nothing that was serious. My first do-stupid-things-until-it-kills-you relationship began in a psychiatrist’s waiting room at age 19.

I’m 22, almost 23, and haven’t had one yet unless you consider a year long online relationship when I was 19. I never even met the woman though, so I don’t count it.

Nobody noticed until you pointed it out.

I guess first “serious relationship” was 20. And its still on.

First relationship (lasted 4 years): 17 years old. He was 18, and it was also his first serious relationship.

Next relationship (lasted 1.5 years of which the last .5 was really just staving off the inevitable): 22 years old. He was 26, and it was not so much a ‘first serious relationship’ as a test to see if he really wanted a girlfriend at all. He didn’t.

3rd relationship: 24 years old. Internet romance, ended painfully on both sides. He was 30.

4th relationship: 25 years old. Finally got it right - married at 27 and still going strong at 31. For your statistics, I was his first serious relationship - he was 26 and is now 33.

just the one. Met at Age 25. Getting Married next year. Im 28 now.

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Not many girls are attractive enough to me both on the inside and outside for me to consider relationships with them. I’m more of a friend-with-benefits guy–I like the closeness that sex can bring into a relationship, but I don’t want to start something serious in a situation where my partner and I don’t really love each other. I’ve had one serious relationship, and that’s what happened. Ended a couple of weeks ago and started a month or so before that. My 18th birthday was, by off-the-top-of-my-head calculation method, about halfway through that monthlong period. We thought we loved each other at first, but we soon realized we had too many differences and there just wasn’t anything to talk about anymore. Several factors led it to a point where we both knew that carrying on the charade any longer would just do more harm than good.

There’s one girl I would consider a serious relationship with right now, and she likes another guy and I’m not one to steal. So that one probably isn’t going anywhere. I guess it might, because the guy she likes is an anti-smoking/drinking/drugs type and she’s a pro-smoking/drinking/drugs type (quite up my alley, really), but I’m not going to press the issue unless it’s clear she’s not interested in him anymore.

I’ve had two “friends-with-benefits” with whom I went all the way, so to speak. Both were this last summer. One of them is continuing when I go back to San Diego, and the other is pretty much done–I used my aforementioned relationship to cut things off when I was in the next state, but to be honest, it wasn’t working out anyway. She liked me a lot more than I liked her, I decided that I could never like her that much, and it wouldn’t be fair to lead her on any further.

My first serious relationship was when I was 17 with my current boyfriend. I’m 21, we’ve been going out for four years, and we’re currently living together.

First serious relationship? I guess when I was 19. It lasted the summer.

I met my wife when I was 29. Married her at 30.

First serious relationship: started at 19, going strong for the last 3 years, we’re getting married next September.

He’s a year older than me, and although he’d had long term relationships, they weren’t serious.

We have a “love at first sight” kind of thing going on. From the first, we both knew that our relationship was something very special, and that we were made to be together. I’m very thankful to have been lucky enough to find my soulmate.

My father married when he was 35, and has always been in favour of waiting, but even he is all for us getting married now, because “it’s obvious you’re perfect for each other”.

So, I suppose when you find the right person, you know, and whenever you meet them is the right time to settle down.

First serious relationship – I was 19, he was (gad!) 25. We were together 4 years.

Mr. One and Only – haven’t met him yet. I’m 49 and have never married.

First “serious” relationship: started at 19, lasted until 22.

My wife and I met when I was 24 and she was 22. We married when I was 32 and she was 30 (I’m 40 now).

First serious relationship: 16 - lasted a year. Lighthearted relationship that ended - inexplicably - badly.
Second: 18 - lasted four and a half years. Abusive relationship.
Third: 22 - lasted two and a half years and was devastating. Involved an engagement and an unforgivable infidelity.
Fourth and Final* (my husband): 25

I’m 26 now.

*Final, because if this one falls apart, no more. I’m tired, and just don’t have the energy to build new, stable, trusting, etc. relationships. My husband is the easiest man in the world to love, and a relief to be with. Unless his exact emotional/personality twin waltzed into my life afterwards (and hey, I suppose it could, but chances are slim) then no more. Too hard. Too tiring. Makes me feel too damn old. Gives me wrinkles, too.

Apologies - this looks stupid. How could it have been lighthearted and serious? :smack: It was serious because it was serious. I used lighthearted because we got along so well and so easily, that when it ended so badly, I think we were both pretty confused. To this day, if he sees me in public, he tells anyone around him who’s listening what an incredible b*tch I am (yes, “am” - don’t see or hear from a guy for ten years and he seems to know you inside out today)… which blows my mind, since he left me, and I didn’t cheat or anything.

Anyway, I had to explain that, it was bugging me.

First serious relationship: age 17 - lasted 4 years.
Current serious relationship: started at 21
And yes there were six months inbetween:)
Current age : 28


One girlfriend in High School that lasted long than a month. That began at 17 and lasted about 9 months. Loads that were short term.

My current squeeze, Lady Chance, I began dating when I’d just turned 19 (second semester freshman year in college). We’re both 37 now so we’re past 18 years and staring at 20 in the not-too-distant future.

Just a note to some of the previous posters, leaving out your current age has rendered your posts horribly out of context. Still going strong doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how long its been.

No serious relationships before 26. Nothing lasting more than 6 months and with some long dry spots in between. At 26/27 (its still a debate as to when it actually started) began my first serious relationship. Married 5 years later and still married at 37 with 2 daughters 3 and 4 years old. I’m male if that matters.

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