At what age did you first feel like an adult?

I’m 24 and I think I should feel more adult than I do. At what age did it hit you?

I’m 26. It hit me when I was 30.

Adult? I’m a house owning, 1.5 jobs with lots of cool toys really tall 9 year old.

Wait…nobody said anything about having to FEEL like an adult! When I signed on for this “growing up” stuff they only said I had to ACT like one sometimes! I want my childhood back!

I’m almost twenty-eight and I still don’t feel like a “grown up”, except that I can stay up reading as late as I want, and I don’t have to make my bed any more. Both my husband and I play games on the computer and XBox, go out and build snowmen or splash in mud puddles as the mood takes us. Sure, we have to pay the mortgage and go to work but the rest of our time is for playing. Looking back on homework, chores and extra-cirricular activities, I think I may actually have more playtime now than I did when I was a kid.

Somehow I always imagined in childhood that I would reach this magical demarcating line at age 21 when I would feel, think and act as a “grown up”, but it never happened. Perhaps it’s because I never acquired a taste for coffee.

>= 30.

I’m 30 now, and I still don’t feel like a grown-up.

I have a theory that no one who wonders when they will feel like a grown-up will ever feel like a grown-up.

What is this ‘adult’ thing you speak of?

Growing up appears to be highly overrated and I for one, am in no hurry to try it.

I’m 29 and I have cooler toys than ever.

I am 57, and I still don’t feel like an adult.

God knows I look like one, except to occasional movie ticket sellers and liquor store clerks.

I started feeling like a grown up when I starting coming home from work and making myself a senseable dinner, rather than just eating pudding.

Damn I miss the pudding.

I’m 25 on Saturday, and don’t feel like a trustworthy grown-up.

I start my first real permanent full-time job in September, so maybe that’s when it’ll hit me. Perhaps.

The worst part of it, I think, is the period where you still believe you’re SUPPOSED to feel “grown-up” and you wonder if anyone can tell you’re faking everything…

I feel like a grown up when I go to the grocery store and buy things like paper towels, laundry detergent, and garbage bags. Things I know adults buy that college kids usually get for free from their parents.

When I get home though, I feel as young and care free as ever. And no one’s toys are as cool as mine. I’m almost 26.

I’m 26. I very occasionally feel grown-up. I didn’t start feeling that way at all until last year. Most of my grown-upness manifests itself as a longing to be 5 again, and not to have to be a grown-up anymore, and not have to clean the damn floor and do laundry.

I still sleep with stuffed animals and have dolls and make snow-forts. And we had ice cream for dinner two days ago. And I can play with dangerous toys now and stay up until 2 every night.

Is adulthood just bigger fancier toys, and faking maturity?

When we bought our house, we sat in our empty living room drinking wine and thinking, “Ah, we’re grown up now!” But, I did feel like I was just faking it. Like, how on earth did we convince a bank to loan us that much money?? What are we going to do if the whole place blows up?? So, I felt like I should feel like an adult, but I didn’t really.

On the other hand, I definitely felt like an adult when they handed my newborn to me in the hospital. All of a sudden, I felt responsible and terrified, but capable. I was one week shy of 31.

I felt like an adult when I was about 16 or 17, right around when I started driving, I guess.

I started feeling like an adult when I started teaching, and I remembered, watching my students, that feeling like a kid means:

Having no ability to mitigate your own emotions: hurting, miserable, delighted–however, you feel, that’s how you feel, 100%–if someone hurts your feelings, you can’t shrug it off, if you are nervous, you can’t calm yourself, if you are horney, you can’t do anything productive. That sort of emotional intensity is rare in my life these days, thank god.

Seeing the world as a simple place, where problems can be solved with simple solutions, if only people weren’t so stupid. Kids are not subtle thinkers. Even my best, most brilliant thinkers–kids that humble me, and I’m no slouch intellectually–have a sort of crudeness, a lack of sophistication in their thought that will take a few years of cognitive development to refine. You may think you were a subtle thinker as a teenager, and you may have been lightyears ahead of most of your peers, but trust me when I say that that is nothing compared with the ability you have developed to enjoy complexity as an adult.

Lacking autonomy. I had totally forgotten how much this sucked until I started teaching and saw this in kids. Having to ask (me! I hate this!) to go to the bathroom? Having a curfew? Having your spending money and spending choices subject to prior approval? Gah!
Do I have an inner child? Yes, he’s a 17 year old boy, and I love letting him out to play. But I also love being able to put him up and be an adult, too, and I began to really appriciate that–to feel grown up–when I was 26 and started teaching high school.

This was how I was until I got medication for depression and anxiety. Now that I’m on medication, I can stop the negative or fearful thoughts- I couldn’t do that before. I didn’t even know that anyone could, until I was 29 and went on meds.

So I guess, in at least one sense, I started feeling like an adult at 28.

I decided when I was young to skip adulthood and go straight from childhood to cranky-old-manhood.
I’m enjoying it.

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As soon as I got my first checkbook (about a year ago). Well, I feel halfway like an adult, anyway.