At what age did you.....

…start going commando, for those that do? AKA Regimental, going Natural, or, in plain english, stopped wearing underwear altogther?

I rarely (like less than 5 times per month) wear any underwear at all. This started in High School, when my younger brothers would steal my undies. Since there were nocturnal incontinence issues with them both at the time, I decided they could keep them.

Haven’t really gone back.

My wife used to be “Undies all the time” till I got to her… now she’s about 50/50.

How 'bout you?

About 6 months ago at the beginning of the school year at college. It’s too damn expensive to do laundry.

I’m about 50/50 as well, It started before high school. I just have never been able to wear anything under my jeans.

The rest of the time I wear boxers, they give me about the same level of freedom when I’m wearing Suits and slacks.

Tristan! I have to assume one of the following is true:

  1. You don’t fight any more,
  2. You don’t consider a cup/supporter combo to be underwear, or
  3. Hi, Opal!

I stopped wearing drawers my junior year in high school. I just found it more comfortable. In my experience, decent-looking women’s underwear goes right up the rear. I hate a wedgie.

Within the past few months, several of my “butchier” friends suggested I tried boxers. Being very short, the men’s boxers I tried weren’t very comfortable for me either. They tended to bunch up above my knees in jeans and khakis and sort of twist around and bind me. Then I found these adorable little women’s boxers (or “boy-leg panties”) at American Eagle and they kick ass. They’re $13 a pair, but the comfort is worth it. I haven’t gone commando since my mother-in-law gave me AE gift certificates for Christmas.

Ethilrist– Ok, you got me, one of the times that I do is when I’m doing the combat thing… I will probably have to pick up somemore, as I should be doing a lot more fighting this season…
Other than that, what is it, are my Q’s too personal? Sheesh, all my posts tend to die waaaaaay to soon…

Going on 22 years now. The few occasions when I’ve had to wear underwear, such as doctor visits, I find it incredibly uncomfortable.

Okay, how’s this for too personal?

For those of you guys who go commando (and I realize that I might be invoking the ghost of JDT here), how many of you are uncircumcised?

'Cause as much as I like the idea of swinging freely, I’d be loath to get that much denim (not to mention zipper) near my package.

(And if that doesn’t kill this thread, I don’t know what will.)

I have only recently gotten into the habit of not wearing undies. I never even could sleep naked until 2 years ago when I started sleeping with my husband! I feel like everyone knows I’m not wearing anything.

Ethilrist said:

How’d you know Opal gets a kick out of “underwear”? :smiley:

I don’t see how you people can do it all the time, it would get to me. I started going commando every once in a while in about 8th grade.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but my package is part of me, I’m very aware of it’s location at all times. Because of that I have never had an incident of zipper pinch even once in my life.

And on a lesser note, denim is just cotton, nothing wrong with that.

Like Fairy Princess Kitty, I first tried it in 8th grade.

Like Purd Werfect, I’ve been consistently loose and natural for the past 22 years. Started at the age of 19 and haven’t looked back since. I’m so used to it this way, I could never go back. Not even for doctor visits.

Happily circumcized. I’m always aware of my lingam’s position and I remain conscious enough to avoid zipper incidents. If I were drunk, it might get dangerous.

I don’t drink.

Sorry, I misspelled circumcised.

For me it was the tender young age of 18 when I first joined the Army. You don’t want to wear a pair of underoos at in the field lest you get crotch rot.

Where i live, it’s below freezing for a good 5 months a year. Now as fun and fancy free as going commando can be, one touch of an ice cold zipper will ruin your day.

My girlfriend was so sympathetic the day I found that out, let me tell you. She said so between her laughing fits.

Only just this year. I still don’t do it all the time, because I really love cute thongs.

Uhh…don’t your pants need laundering more often if you go commando?

Sorry, Scott.

But it was damn funny :wink:

I never go commando, except around the house sometimes. It’s never really occured to me.

About 20 years-
1st job out of high school was as a ranch hand. All we had was an old hand-crank washer/dryer in the bunkhouse. With the stuff I was doing, they got black every day. Said to hell with it, never have looked back.
I keep a couple pair around for when I wear shorts though…
Never heard it called going commando till I joined here, though.
Laughed my head off when I figured out what it was yoiu all were talking about…