At What Temp is Your AC Set?

Our thermostat is not perfectly calibrated by a long shot and there’s a big difference between 73 and 71 on its setting. I set it at 72 most of the time, but thats not the actual temperature.

I really have trouble tolerating heat. During the day, I leae it at 73-74 , but about an hour before I go to bed, I set it down to 70.

Of course, I also sleep with 2 big black, hairy dogs that feel obligated to snuggle with me no matter what the temperature is. :dubious:

  1. Day and night, because the missus is home with the kids. Our home is poorly insulated, so we’re pouring energy into the statusphere. :frowning: It costs a small fortune to heat and cool.

Ours is usually set at 72 or 74, generally 72 at night and 74 during the day. It gets too hot sleeping with the Human Curling Iron if it’s not down to 72 at night. Never, ever is the thermostat set below 72. That’s my rule and I won’t allow it to be broken. Same goes for winter, when I won’t allow the heat to be turned above 68.

A/C set at 75. Unit in back bedroom of 700 sq ft shotgun apt. With tower fan in bedroom door, keeps whole place at 80. (As I write this it’s 94 outside.)

No AC here. My version of “AC” is a floor fan, which has 3 settings. 1 being the weakest, 3 being the strongest.

It’s been on 3 round-the-clock.

76 all the time; mr.stretch is home all day. It’s been in the uppers 90s for a while now and we still have the 100+ degree days of August to look forward to.

It’s a dry heat–I sure appreciate at night when I can open up the house and let it cool down to around 70. Then I can sleep at night.

78 during the day when I am not there and 70 when I am home.

We don’t have AC, and neither do most Calgarians. We don’t need it, since we live in the most perfect area of the world for weather.


(Okay, nobody remember this post when I’m bitching about the weather in the middle of winter, 'kay?)

75 F, and we don’t dick with it. The house is well insulated, and all the windows are triple-paned. I close the drapes and blinds, and the storm doors.

I spend most of my time in the basement, but with the vents closed. It’s too cold down here with the A/C on.

80 when I’m not home, 72 at night (if at all), 75ish when I’m home by myself and don’t have the house opened up, and 70 for an hour before dinner.

Same here. My AC is set at 80 right now and I’m perfectly comfortable.

The central unit is on 74 most of the time, but the window unit we have in our room (for noise and the extra punch of cool air) is set on 64 at night. Mr. AdoptaMom is a carpenter and works outside all day. Even with it set to 64 it still takes him until well into the night for his core body temp to cool down.

I’m not home during the day M-F so it’s off during those times. When I get home I keep it around 74. When I go to bed, I put in on 68. I loooove sleeping in a cold bedroom with lots of comfy covers.

Last month my power bill was $50. :slight_smile:

I keep mine set at 78 all the time. When it is regularly 100 outside, 78 is plenty cool inside.

Our AC is set at 76 currently, but with the humidity increasing, as it does around here this time of year, we will have to nudge it up to 78 or 79 to keep the compressor from icing up.

I would prefer to keep the house cooler but I would rather be a little warm than have a broken AC. That and the fact our current power bill is $198 and next month will probably be $220+ (btw we live in a 24 year old 1300 sf 1-story townhome).

We have an evaporative cooler, and it’s situated in the middle of the roof of a 2300 square foot two story house. In other words, we can set the thermostat to whatever we like, but it’s pretty hit-or-miss whether or not the temperature will follow. That said, we set it between 78 and 80, depending on mood. We have an auxiliary window A/C unit in the master bedroom; that one’s set at 80 during the day (even though I’m home, I’m not trying to sleep) and 75 at night.

What he said.

I set mine at 77, mainly to keep the humidity down. If I didn’t have asthma, I’d probably set it at 82.

It’s on 70 here.

That’s because I want it set lower and those crazy people I live with who like ‘hot’ want it set higher.