At What Temp is Your AC Set?

Well the title kind of says it all.

With the massive heat wave gripping the country –to use the overly dramatic media-speak (incidentally I can remember much worse)- where is the thermostat set at your home / place of work and how is this working for you?

I am determined to keep the home setting at 75 degrees (Fahrenheit of course, not sure what that is for the rest of the metric-using planet).

So far things are working. Particularly here in Maryland with the electric company continually flip-flopping on instituting a 70% rate hike and then not completely sure as to how best to lay this on the populace, I want to keep the AC chugging at temp that straddles the fine line between tolerable and not.

Who be next?

I don’t own one. Pretty much no one here does.

It’s winter here now, but in summer my husband keeps it set on 64F (18C) because he is either insane or part polar bear. I find it unbearable (ha!) and so life is a constant fight over the thermostat.

64F is the lowest setting our system has. I believe if it could go lower, he’d set it lower. Our visitors frequently complain about the chill and the standing joke in the house is that the cats never lose their winter coats.

I had it set at 80° on Saturday, really was just using it to dehumidify the air inside the house and make it tolerable. If I would have set it any lower I think it would have run constantly.

24Celsius - I have no idea what that is in Fahrenheit. We have three window units - the living room, our bedroom, and the baby’s room.

We don’t run it all day though - the noise drives me mental (I have a noise phobia) but we do run it all night - then I find the noise soothing.

:dubious: And just how long have you been living with my husband? :wink:
Mine keeps it rather chilly, too, and I like it cool, but like minlokwat, I’m in Maryland, and am not quite sure what’s happening with the electric bill. When he leaves for work in the morning, I nudge it back up a bit, around 76° or 78°. No need to keep it freezing all day, but at the same time, it’s freaking hot outside and I’m going to be comfortable.
It’s fine in here for me, but as soon as he comes home he complains that it’s “goddamn hot in here” and cranks it back down to 68°.

When I lived in DC it was set at 68 on May 1st (or earlier if there was a heat wave) and stayed there until mid-October. The dog used to demand to sleep under the covers…

Currently, it’s at 78. It’ll be on ALL day, so I’ll keep it a bit higher than I usually do, just to knock the humidity down and keep it tolerable.

South Florida checking in, here. Truth be told, we’re both out during the day, so we don’t run the AC at all. The apartment has all-tile floors, and we keep the blinds drawn and the sliders out to our sun porch open only enough so the cats can get in and out (we’re three storeys up, btw). Our interior temperature never goes above 81, but in the evenings we run the AC at 79, just to dehumidify.

In the past few years I’ve nudged the temp up each year. Oddly, I’ve still been comfortable for the most part.

In general, I’ll set the A/C at 75F when I’m home, unless I’ve just come in from the heat outside, when I might set it down to 73 or 74 for a bit.

While I’m away at work, it is on a timer to cycle up to 80, then cool back down to 75 shortly before I return from work in the evening.

We have negotiated 75F at my house whenever I’m home. As soon as I walk out the door my husband notches it down a few degrees. I’m cold-natured, so even at 75 I’m wearing sweatpants around the house.

If I’m sitting on the couch doing nothing, I’ll set the AC at 75 F. If I’m cleaning up or cooking, I’ll give it a little nudge to 73 or 74 F.

When I turn it on, which isn’t often, it’s at 74. Sometimes I’ll run it at 70 for a while to really cool off, then turn it off. Probably not smart energy-wise, but it feels so good!

If and when I ever make it to your part of the world, can I stay in your house? You and my wife can stay somewhere else a bit warmer and console one another. :smiley:

We have an agreement. He gets to set the bedroom thermostat and I control the living room. The temperatures are 66F and ~71F (the thermostat keeps creeping down if I don’t pay attention), respectively. Luckily, we have a balcony so I can just go out there for a couple minutes when I need to warm up.

It’s about the same temperature in my office too, so I get to freeze all day long. I’m the only person I know is wearing pants and sweaters this summer.

I miss my shorts.

Apparantly, even in my 2300 sq ft house (the upstairs 2 bedrooms and bath we do not use) our power bill is about 150 and keeps us between 72-76 degrees. Currently, it is 86 degrees outside (thank God!) and my little house is clipping away at 73 (set for 76) and hasn’t come on in hours.

When it gets tough outside, though, we knock it up to 78.

We keep ours on a timer, for 84 when we are out, 80 at night and 78 when home. It’s not cold in the house ever but with shorts and a tank top (which is what we are wearing anyway in the summer!) it is comfortable. If the day temp high is not going to hit the mid 80’s or so I don’t have it on at all. I like summer warmth and I really prefer to have the windows open if possible. Right now I am at work and the air is cranked so I am freezing. I hate the unnatural coldness of a/c when it is supposed to be warm, damnit!

I started the same thread a month ago. I bumped my thermostat up 2 degrees to 77 which is still cooler than I need but that is what it takes to keep the upstairs at 81 deg (F). 81F is a misleading number because there is a huge difference in “feel” of temperature when the air conditioner is running and circulating air. The same applies to the use of ceiling fans. I can run higher thermostat temperatures because I use ceiling fans. I also have a window air conditioner that I use to augment the central air when it gets really hot.

Incidently, we are running low 90 deg temperatures locally and I noticed that none of the peak-use generators are running (we have at least 7 of them). I have a lot of confidence in the power grid in my area.

Well, right now it’s on 80, because I’m not home. It’s on a program. When I’m home in the evenings it’s 75 or so, but I like to sleep cool so at 11 it goes down to 71. This is nothing new to South Carolinians, though - old hat.

We leave it at 80 F when not home, 77 F when we are. This is not special for the heatwave, it’s pretty much our summertime mode. Summer here last about 6 months.