What is your thermostat set at?

What is your thermostat setting and where do you live?

I hope no one has theirs set at 69. Oops!


72 for the A/C in the summer, but in the winter we have it 68 in the day and 63 at night.

I couldn’t vote. I don’t have a thermostat. :smiley:

I heat with wood (that’s all) and I don’t have A/C - just ceiling fans and box fans.

I don’t have a thermostat/heating/cooling, so I can’t vote either.

I have a thermostat on the heater, but I only use it in the Winter. So I couldn’t vote.

When I do use it, I set it to 65ºF when I’m home and awake, and turn it off when I’m out of the house or asleep. (Propane is expensive.)

I don’t have a thermostat, either. I heat with wood pellets in the winter and I have one window air conditioner for the summer. the bedroom temp 9where the A/C is) is 75.9 degrees right now. My kitchen, which is adjoining the bedroom in usually about 79. The rest of the house is hot - it was 88 degrees in my bathroom when I took my shower this evening.

I started the poll because my step-father sets his thermostat at 78, and couldn’t believe that “normal” people set theirs at 74 or below. he’s a retired naval officer that used to work in the engine rooms of ships, where it’s well above 100 degrees.


I don’t have one. I turn the heater on in the winter and it gets hot, or I leave it off and it’s actually relatively okay. Oh, to have choice!

I have mine set at 74 and I live in Northeast Ohio. I would have it set variably but I work from home so I am here an average of 20 hours a day, every day. 74 seems to be the sweet spot for me.

In the winter I have it set at 65 or 68 I think. My MO is to wear sleeveless shirts in the summer and long-sleeved shirts with a sweatshirt in the winter. In the winter I also program it to go down to 62 when I’m sleeping.

Mine’s set for 78-79. I’m actually kind of startled the poll didn’t go that high, it seems plenty low to me. 76 is downright chilly and should only be set when you’re not actually paying for electricity, like in a hotel room.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

I heated with wood for about 12 years. No A/C here. It was 35 degrees F this morning. August in the Colorado mountains.

We do no have a propane stove. It’s set at 62f right now. The house stays warm enough. Passive solar. We keep the windows in the bedroom

Ours has two settings, one for heat and one for A/C. When we’re home and awake, the heat is on 70 and the A/C is on 73. When we’re sleeping, the heat is lower (I forget exactly, maybe 63-65) and the AC is the same. When we’re out, the heat is lower and the A/C is higher (again, I don’t remember the exact numbers on those, and I’m too lazy to get off the couch to go look).

Seattleish, WA.

Oops. I live in New York City, NY.

We have ours set to 79 during the day and 77 at night. Since it’s so dry here, this is very comfortable, and almost too cold at night.

75 F, summer, Chicagoland.

I often “cheat” if I’m feeling cranky and turn it down to 73. That’s brisk, baby.

I do have a nice fancy programmable one so it’s set to 85 during the day while I’m at work.

In the winter I’m a lot better about energy usage. Because it’s much easier (and more acceptable) to put on a hat or sweater than it is to take off pants :smiley:

Winter is usually 72 when I’m home, 62 when I’m not.

And of course, when I’m traveling, it’s set to hold 85 in the summer, 62 in the winter.

I’m in the Imperial Valley, at the Mexico/California border. It’s quite hot here during the summer.

I set the AC to 74 last year, and 73 this year.

My sweetie has lived here for over 40 years, and has never known anyone to set theirs lower than 80.

I told him to live a little. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s set to around 70 in the winter.
My thoughts on the matter are that I am a grown up, and paying my own bills.
If there is one expense, one ‘luxury’, that I feel I deserve, it is to be comfortable in my own home. Nothing else even compares. I’d skip coffee and food before freezing/sweating my ass off to save a buck or twelve. That’s not living; that’s just miserable.
I am too old to be miserable. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haaaaaaaaaate being hot. So, when I’m home, the thermostat is usually t 72. If I’m still hot, I’ll pop it down to 70.

And I’ve lived in this hot hell my entire life. I just cannot sleep a wink if I’m hot, so I used to hate living with my dad who doesn’t turn the air on unless it’s over 85 inside the house (and even then, he sets it at 80). So, now that I’m a grown up with my own house, I set it to ‘arctic tundra’ when I want.

I wouldn’t use my heat in the winter except other people live here and apparently they aren’t polar bears too.

I’ve thought about having a propane fireplace put in…for backup to the wood. I’m just not sure I want to be held hostage by propane costs. It’s that way, to a point, with the wood but at least when I pay for that, I’m not paying some huge conglomeration but some local guy who’s just trying to supplement his income and put food on the table. And trades are possible - I just traded three vehicles I had sitting here for $300.00 and a cord of wood ($150.00 value). :smiley:

I’m getting older, though, and I have just one kid left at home to help me, and I’m partially disabled, so I’m not sure how many more years of splitting and hauling in wood I want to do.

I have a good southern exposure; I wish I could afford solar.

I had to vote other. Your poll doesn’t go high enough for summer or low enough for winter.

It is summer now so 80º for the A/C, at least while I’m home. It is un-cooled when I’m away. And the A/C is frequently off as long as I can open the windows and get a cool breeze.

Once winter rolls in it’ll float between 65º and 70º depending on how cold I feel at the time. I don’t turn the heat off completely while I’m out… it stays at least 60º at all times, can’t let the pipes freeze.

This is in the Denver suburbs.

Currently, our A/C is set to 77 degrees, although we lower it to 72 or so if we’re expecting company. It’s been a hot summer in NYC, our electrical bills are going to be through the roof, and we don’t need to keep it as cool as we’d ideally like it to be. Instead, I’ve decided that as long as we’re not sweaty, it’s fine, and this is much cheaper.

New York apartments don’t generally have thermostats for heat - they’re mostly too old. We can kinda sorta control things in our apartment by turning a valve that controls how much hot water gets into our radiators, but I couldn’t give you a precise temperature.