Atlanta airport: Anyone used hotel parking?

OK, whenever I’ve flown from Atlanta, I’ve always parked at the MARTA station, and taken the train to the airport. However, some acquaintances that live in Atlanta said that they’ve just started driving to one (don’t recall which, or if they’ve used more than one) of the airport area hotels, used their parking, and just took their shuttle. They charged $5 a day, which is one buck less than MARTA, and several bucks less than airport parking.

Anyone heard of/taken advantage of the hotel parking situation, or have they just been lucky?

You can get any one of about 20 different Park-n-Ride’s on Camp Creek Parkway, I think you can get them for about as cheap as seven bucks a day…then they shuttle you right to the airport door. If I can’t get a ride to MARTA and I need to leave a car, this is what I have done the past couple times.

I have not tried the hotel thing.

I think it’s the Sandy Springs MARTA station that’s down to 3 bucks a day, just as an FYI.