best (and cheapest) LAX parking?

Have any of my fellow So Cal dopers parked long term flying out of LAX. I did some web searching and found several private park and fly locations…I really don’t want to pay $15/day which seems to be the prevailing rate off-airport, especially since I will be gone about 8 days. Do you have any advice? I will be driving in from the inland empire, and the substantial difference in airfare (about $200) justifies the slightly higher parking costs at LAX compared to ONT.

thanks in advance,

Lovable Rogue

The Hilton has a park & fly special- stay one night, park for a week for free.

Lot C is always my choice, except you are parked outside under the approach corridor, so God knows what is falling on your car.

Oh, Lot C- take the 105 west, off at Nash IIRC, follow signs. Or you can get there via Century Blvd but the traffic is worse.

I used this service for about $4/day + bus ticket ($10?):
Van Nuys Flyaway

It was much more convenient that I had hoped. No dealing with LAX traffic, parking problems, etc. But I currently live in Santa Clarita, so it was possibly more convenient for me than you.

I recommend the Shuttle services, too.

Quick park on Century Blvd, near the Raddison Hotel at century & Sepulveda. 10 bucks a day & free shuttle to the gate.

The Parking Spot has about the same price, at Century & Aviation.

I’d go with a shuttle, myself.

Another alternative that I find useful is to rent a car online, usually they are pretty cheap online, like $20 a day. Take it to the airport, drop it off, then get one on the way back. I did this from SFO & it cost $44 plus gas… for a 200 mile roundtrip.

If you’ve got a morning flight, I’ve found the Hacienda Hotel’s ‘park and fly’ rate to be very acceptible. It’s a bit deteriorated, but certainly not a fleabag yet, and for $89 you get to sleep in and take the 5-minute shuttle ride the next morning, and you can park for 10 days.