Parking at or near SFO (San Francisco Airport)?

Well, I have an evening flight tomorrow, and in typical fashion, I have nothing prepared. Most importantly, I don’t know where to park my car when I head to the airport.

Does anyone have experience with this? I’ve heard SFO’s lot is usually full this time of year, is that true? Are there any other cheap lots nearby I can park at for four days?


Seriously…just take a taxi. It might cost more but it’ll be worth it in the long run. SFO is crazy anytime of year, let alone the Christmas time of year.

I’d recommend a cab, too, but if you do drive, there’s tons of lots in the area besides the “official” ones, most of which should have shuttle service.

Yelp is partially-down at the moment but this link should be helpful once it’s back up. Google, on the other hand is up and running… who’da thought?

SFO parking info: Long-term on-site parking is $12/day.

There are also plenty of off-site parking lots that may or may not be cheaper than on-site long-term parking.

If you get really desparate, there is valet parking at about $40/day - but you get a free newspaper! :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s not horribly inconvenient to get to and from a station, I’d otherwise recommend BART Long-term parking at BART stations is $5/day

In the late 90’s, I used an airport van shuttle from San Francisco Airport to a downtown location. And the same service to return.

It was less than $15 & dropped me off (or picked me up) at the address I gave them. Quick & convenient.

Here’s some info.

Get off at Millbrae Caltrain station and take the airport shuttle.

I’ve parked at one of the off-airport lots, and was pretty pleased with it, but I’d call for a reservation if you were absolutely going to take your car. In general I’d agree with everyone else that some other way is better.

Leave plenty of time - we picked up our daughter at Oakland last night, and it was a mess. They cleverly have closed a lane into the airport right at Christmas. :rolleyes: I can only imagine what SFO is going to be like tomorrow.

Ugh. Take a shuttle. Or a cab. Or even BART, that goes to the airport now, right?

Just an aside, if you’ve never flown into SFO before… don’t be alarmed by the water on approach. The runway always appears, JUST in time. :stuck_out_tongue: