Atlanta Dopers: Harry's Farmers Market To Close?

Have y’all heard anything about this? Harry’s is where I get all my ingredients when I fix my German dishes. If it is true, are there any alternative stores similar to Harry’s?



They’re not technically closing, they’ve just been bought out by Whole Food Markets (IIRC). I think they might close one or two of the larger locations. As I understood it, they’re moving towards more of the health-food-store type image. So far, the one here in Roswell has boosted their natural body care/vitamins section and is replacing certain items with their own house brand. I haven’t noticed any truly horrifying changes yet, though. fingers crossed I love that place.


Thanks, Becky, for that clarification. Scared the living hell outta me.


Heyyyy, another north Atlantan, woohoo.

Actually, I’m in Alpharetta, and drive by it nearly every day to work. The Harry’s in a Hurry are to be gone (if they aren’t already), but the big ones, as mentioned above, should be around for a long time to come.

Good thing, I can’t live without my couscous otherwise.