Atlanta Hotel Suggestions

Hi all! I’m looking to take a trip to Atlanta mid-May. I lived there as a kid and am really looking forward to going down memory lane!

However, I moved from there in 1977. I’ve been back since then a couple times, but was with my ex-wife and another couple, so the hotel cost wasn’t as much a concern then as it is for me now.

I’m looking to find somewhere near 285 near the Perimeter Mall area as that’s near the exit to my old stomping grounds (Sandy Springs/Marietta), but want to try to limit the cost to around $70.00 per night. I don’t want to be in a bad location, though.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

If you need to stick to $70, you can give up the idea of staying anywhere near Perimeter Mall area. You are about $30 low for that area.

Ok, the location is not as important as the cost. Thanks!

You’d have a lot more luck looking on the Marietta side of things than the Sandy Springs side. If cost is really important to you, there’s some chains near Dobbins that are in your price range. No claims about how many C-130s will go over your head as you’re sleeping, though.

A quick Google search shows 3 choices near your price range in that area, one Microtel and 2 extended Stay America hotels. All are an exit or 2 north of I-285 and all are rated as 2 star. User reviews are “meh” or worse. Anything less than that price would have to be a Motel 6/Super 8 type place but they will be closer to Marietta than Perimeter Mall.

As leftfield6 said, if you can swing $100/night you can find several much nicer hotels with much better reviews (Atlanta Marriott Perimeter center is quoted at $98/night on Google).

You might be a good candidate for one of those Priceline services where you submit a bid for a specific star level and set of neighborhoods, but not a specific hotel. If your bid is accepted you’re committed to the accepting hotel.

We’ve used that a few times (not in Atlanta) with decent results.

What an EXCELLENT suggestion, Driver8! Thanks!

I decided to check in a day late and up my amount to 85.00 per night and got a place at Perimeter! Perfect!!! :slight_smile: