Atlanta To Frankfurt, Germany 12-19 through 12-26......

…487.00 Round trip. Buy now or wait? This is through Hotwire and is the best deal I’ve found so far.

Any of you seasoned travellers have an opinion?



Good rate. For example, my upcoming trip from AMS to LAX (late September) costed me about $600, and that’s a stop in-over at Heathrow. Around Christmas time is always expensive, and tends to fill up quickly. If this is a non-stop, and 487 includes all taxes, I say buy now.

Atlanta To Frankfurt, Germany 12-19 through 12-26.

How about Germany Dope? I work close to Frankfurt, so getting together wouldn’t be too big a problem.
Any other Dopers in Germany?

I got tix from ATL to London in October for ~ $410. $487 doesn’t sound bad. Check one thing before you buy those, though.

Here’s what I usually do…hit all the usual suspects: Hotwire, Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, CheapTickets, and whatever else there is. If that $487 is the best price you can find, and you are flexible on your travel times during the day, go hit Priceline and under cut that by 15-20%. If you get it, cool. Make sure your TOTAL priceline price is ~$425 (I think I had to pay about $90 in shit fees per ticket on top of the ticket “price”). If Priceline gives you no love, go with your original best price.

It doesn’t include departure fees/taxes, according to the site. Also, I won’t find out if it’s non-stop until I buy the ticket, but Atlanta is an international airport, so I may luck up. It may not hurt to wait another month. I had allowed myself $550.00 for the RT, anyway…

Mort: We could meet at the airport if you like. I’ll be in transit to the Rothenburg and I can make time for a beer. Or two. Or three… let me know. E-mail is in my profile.

Mouthbreather: Thanks for the good advice. I have some time , so I’ll be sure to shop around.

Thanks, All!


Delta then, or doesn’t it say? Either Delta or Lufthansa would be direct. Or, could be. 487 ex taxes probably means 600 in real money, so a little more shopping might be in order.

They won’t tell you the airline or the flight times until you actually purchase the ticket. They do guarantee you a major airline, though, Coldfire.




Well, personally I wouldn’t just fork over $600 for “a major airline”, not knowing which. Of course, that’s more out of comfort concerns than safety, but remember: it’s a long haul. 50 bucks extra for 10 cm. of legroom just might be worth it. :slight_smile:

You can also check at There is a board to ask about air fares or see what others post: