Atlantic City Casinos shutting down

Just got a call from work…stay home the next two weeks.

Wow. Trump doesn’t even own an Atlantic City casino any more, and yet he can still bankrupt one. In fact he can bankrupt several.

Many in Las Vegas closed too.

Maine closed all OTB and casinos last night.

The local Indian rancheria resort-casino will close for two weeks… starting tomorrow morning, so no rush, right? :smack: (In all fairness, the rancheria has been exceptionally generous to the community during disasters and beyond.)

Closing seems a site-by-site decision here in California anyway. Here is a list of closed Indian casinos in the US. Note that Indian casinos are subject to federal laws, not state regulations or edicts. Is online gambling surging?

Missouri Casinos are shutting down at Midnight

Mississippi Casinos shut down at Midnight last night.

Our local casino shut down.

Local casinos here in the AZ running ads to remind us they’re open and VERY SANITIZED

Las Vegas is shutting down all casinos, bars, and restaurants tomorrow, as well as hotels with casinos.