NJ Gov Is Closed; So Are Casinos?

The “Early Show” on CBS made such a mess of reporting the facts about the closed casinos in Atlantic City, NJ. They say it’s because the NJ budget has yet to pass, but what the heck has one got to do with the other? I mean, although they closed the NJ lottery…I doubt they closed the toll roads! Besides, are the casinos owned and operated by the State of NJ? No! So, what the hay?

Afterall, do they close the grocery stores, too? I mean, the scales are state regulated, for one! :slight_smile:

  • Jinx

I am going to take a stab and say that casinos are required to have government workers on site to be allowed to operate. Representatives from the state’s gaming commission would be among those. The casinos are probably tied into government functions in many ways and they can’t just operate in isolation.

From here:

“Race tracks and casinos, which require state monitoring, will be closed Wednesday if no budget is enacted by then. State parks, beaches and historic sites will close their gates on Wednesday”

In short, it sounds illegal to operate without state supervision.

The casinos require alot of government oversight. Requiring government employees to be working in order to do so. Since the state can’t/will not pay the governement employees they have to close the casinos.

It seems kinda silly to me as the casino’s make alot of money for the state and they would even be willing to pay out the wages so they didn’t have to close. It seems the governer is trying to make a point and the facts can’t get in the way.

Yes, it’s about having representatives of the state gaming commission on hand – and the casinos give money to the state to pay their salaries. A year in advance, in fact, so they were trying to argue that their salaries had already been paid, and should be allowed to work.

No dice.

(Pun intended)

The Casinos were closed but the Aquarium in Camden was open as it is now a private concern. The Battleship New Jersey was open. I was at both today after calling ahead. Most beaches are also open. Most State Parks and memorials are closed however. I was quite pleased the New Jersey was open.