Atlantis in Neptune Lake, ND

Just searched for it on Google maps and didn’t find it. Does such a place actually exist or is it as mythological as Atlantis itself?


It is odd. There’s a Neptune Lake in WI, two states over. One in Saskatchewan not too far from the ND border.

The most interesting one is the one outside Solon, OH. Hmm.

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So, to refocus on the question: Did Cecil get punked or what?

Not necessarily. I’ve known a couple of lakes in my lifetime that had one name among the locals and another on every known map. Or, since this is reported matter, it could be a simple human error by the questioner or by his source.

Which is usually “The Lake” in the local language. Anthropologists and geographers in the field get caught by that one all the time.

“But what’s its REAL name?”

“I dunno. We always called it The Lake.”

would be nice…thank you for link

I would think they renamed it after 9,000 years lol

I also looked and I think I found the lake he’s referring too, it’s named ‘Devils lake’

Seriously though folks all kidding aside if I remember correctly (I was not born yet)

Edgar Cayce prophesied that Atlantis would be found back in 1938, but he went a step farther and even said when Atlantis would be found and where it was located.

Edgar Cayce said he had a vision in a trance like state that Atlantis would be found off one of the islands of the Bahamas and then added that this would occur in 1969.

Edgar Cayce died in 1945 and just as he prophesied an underwater city was located off the Bahamas in 1969 of course no one can tell if it was the Atlantis as described in Edgar Cayce’s many other readings or in the 20,000 pages of research already found, but it sure is worth repeating as a very strange occurrence.

For the purposes of the column, it did not matter for Cecil to corroborate the name of the lake in the Dakotas. His point was that any allegation of “Atlantis found” would be nonsense since the story as we know it is almost certainly Plato’s making, at best a fictionalizing of some minor legend.

Really? All right then: cite?

No such thing has happened. A bunch of regular underwater formations were detected but nothing that indicates artificfial construction, except to Atlantis buffs.

The old man may be even nuttier than his son has let us on.

According to the North Dakota Fish and Game Department, North Dakota doesn’t have any public lakes named Neptune.

And, I know I’m not the only one who called. The guy on the phone wanted to know why his department has received so many calls about this nonexistent lake in the last week.

Obviously he’s part of the conspiracy keeping Atlantis secret.

I have been too busy writing a manuscript about “How to forgive your neighbor”, but I have found this information:

I can’t find the exact date that Edgar Cayce prophesied that Atlantis would be found, I believe it was 1939 and I believe he said it would be found in 1969. You have to join one of his heebie jeebie web sites to locate that information and I’m not into crystals or new age theories, so I am not going to do that.

These Bimini undersea formation’s were found in 1968 however.

Now for a disclaimer about Edgar Cayce I do not follow him nor do I recommend anyone else to believe in reincarnation or any of the other many topics Edgar Cayce covered in his many readings.

and with that said I find it strange that something he did prophesied did actually materialize years later. I also think (note think, but not convinced) that Edgar may have been on to something with the poles changing too, because many have said that he was wrong in saying this would happen in the mid-1990’s.

However Edgar Cyace never said that this would happen in the mid-1990’s, but instead said that it would begin to happen in the mid-1990’s.

The subject at hand is Atlantis and I will remain there … Cecil has covered Edgar Cayce in many of his other topics and you can research him if you wish.

Not exactly impressively convincing sources in favor of it being an actual manmade ruin, are they, Mr Quatro? (SyFy Channel program on “Quest for Atlantis”? Charles “Bermuda Triangle” Berlitz?) That site quotes this article on the Bimini Road, which is more detailedly sourced relating to both pro/con sides, but it still adds up that after 50 years there has been no objective proof that these are manmade ruins.