ATM theft--what should happen?

This is almost a GQ, but here goes:

A relative of mine (a blind sister) and her roommate (also blind) were robbed by relative (a niece) who had access to her ATM card.

She (the niece) was the only person who had access to the card, as she did most of the errands for the other two–and had been doing for a number of months.

Apparently, this month she–or her guy friend–decided to go ahead and withdraw all the money out of the account leaving the two blind roommates with no money and a number of bounced checks.

Now, the questions:

How long does it take for a picture to be returned when there is an ATM theft? (It has been two weeks, and no one has seen any photos yet.)

Who presses charges in a case like this?

Does the victim have to press, or is this a case where the State presses charges with or without the victims’ consent or request?

Does there have to be a formal charge before the bank will release photos?

I am very sorry. This is a felony case so the state will prosecute but it needs to be reported by the victims or a suitable representative. The state needs to take it from there but once it is reported, it becomes a state versus “The Accussed” issue. The “niece” or her male friend may be going off to a little time in the big house.

Please report this right away. It is a very serious crime and it will not cost the victims anything for prosecution. They may or may not get their money back but it is the state’s job to ensure that that the guilty part will not be able to do that to anyone else for several years.